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3D Compatibility
With a stereoscopic 3D TV, enjoy an even more realistic and immersive racing experience. You can even slow the action down and take 3D screenshots to save and share.
Experience an Entirely New Driving Experience on a Stereoscopic 3D TV

If you connect your PlayStation 3 to a stereoscopic 3D TV to play Gran Turismo 5, you'll be able to experience a true to life driving feel like you've never seen before.

Also, you can build a richer play environment by combining peripheral hardware like the PlayStation®Eye and steering controllers.

Output Photographs Taken in Photo Mode in 3D

If you select 3D output in the camera menu when you take photographs in Photo Travel or Race Photo modes, you can output image files compatible with 3D displays. Display on a 3D compatible TV for an amazing 3D experience.

To display the 3D Photo Data samples provided on this page, follow the procedures below:

1. Download the Zip compressed data, and uncompress the photo data.

2. Copy the uncompressed 3D photo data onto a USB memory or other compatible media.

3. Attach the USB memory or other media containing the 3D photo data to your PlayStation 3.

4. Access the PlayStation®Store with the PlayStation 3 connected to a 3D compatible TV. Download and install the PlayMemories free software.

5. From [Photo] in the XMB™ (Cross media bar), start PlayMemories. Select the attached USB memory or other media from the [Import Photograph], and select the 3D photo data you saved.

6. Select the 3D photo data from [View Photograph] of PlayMemories to view.

*Please note, we do not guarantee that the 3D Photo Data Samples will be viewable in all hardware environments.

Move Your Point of View with Face Tracking

By Connecting the PlayStation®Eye USB camera to the PlayStation®3 in Gran Turismo 5, you can utilize the Face tracking feature in which the system will recognize the movement of your face.

Using the face tracking feature will enable you to move your point of view just with the movements of your head while driving. This feature is only compatible with the interior dash view of Premium Cars.

Enjoy Audio Output in Surround Sound

Gran Turismo 5 is compatible with the following audio output settings.

Connect up to a compatible audio system to enjoy exciting sounds.

2ch2ch Linear PCM2ch Linear PCM2ch Analog
5.1ch Linear PCM
5.1ch Dolby Digital
DTS 5.1ch Digital Surround Sound
5.1ch Dolby Digital
DTS 5.1ch Digital Surround Sound
7.1chLinear 7.1ch PCM v--
Real Driving Operations Using a Steering Controller

Gran Turismo 5 is compatible with steering controllers.

For an even more realistic driving experience, we recommend the use of a steering controller.

Compatible Steering Controllers (Logitech)
Driving Force™ GTGT Force®ProGT Force®
Driving Force™GT Force®RX
G25 Racing WheelG27 Racing Wheel
Compatible Steering Controllers (Other)
Guillemot Thrustmaster T500 RS

*Images shown are from a pre-final version of the game.