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Exciting new add-on content for Gran Turismo®5
Expand your Gran Turismo experience with premium DLC (downloadable content).
Course Pack (2 Tracks, 5 layouts)
This DLC pack adds the new tracks to Gran Turismo 5.
The new Course Pack includes SPA-Francorchamps (with weather effects) and Kart Space layouts I and II (each layout supports normal and reverse).


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* This DLC is only valid on the PSN account which made the DLC purchase. By applying the free family upgrade which will appear in the PS store after purchasing this DLC, it will become possible to use this content on all PS3 accounts in the PS3 that contains the PSN account which made the DLC purchase.

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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Total length:7004m Longest straight:751.8m Elevation difference:104m Number of corners:21
A high speed technical circuit with a long, rich history
This is a long 7km circuit located in eastern Belgium, in a hilly region near the German border. With a long history behind it, it is famous for its many historic moments in racing.
It is a high-speed technical track with an extreme climb and descent, and there are many sections that are a true test of a driver's skill. The most difficult section on the track is the Eau rouge at the beginning. This is a high speed corner with heavy lateral and horizontal G's affecting the car, and the exit speed here determines the speed in the straightaway. You'll want to make sure you have this corner mastered in order to mark a good time on this track.
Course map
Kart Space I/II
Total length:764m Longest straight:115m Elevation difference:2.3m Number of corners:8
An illuminated indoor circuit
This is a brightly lit indoor course. The track has a total length of 764m, and features a section that is a full 360 degree loop, as well as some tight hairpins.
Because the dynamics of racing Karts are very sensitive, you mustn’t be impatient when you drive. You'll want to use the full width of the track, and avoid rough operation of both the steering and throttle. As a variation to this track, there is a Kart Space II, which short cuts the hair pin section.
*This track will be for Karts only during one-make races in the Arcade Mode and Practice mode.
Course map
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