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Take care of your car and it will take care of you. Bring your car in for regular maintenance, and improve its performance with upgrade parts.
Maintaining Your Car

In GT Auto within GT Life, you can utilize a variety of maintenance services for your car, including oil changes, paint, installation of aero parts, and even full racing modifications.

Car Wash

Have your car washed by hand using special soap with waterproof coating effects.

Oil Change

Oil Change using high-performance engine oil with excellent lubricating and cooling capabilities.

Paint Body

Personalize your car by painting the body a custom color.

Paint Wheels

Personalize your wheels by painting them. Standard issue wheels cannot be painted.

Change Wheels

Purchase new wheels or change your car's existing set. You cannot change the wheels on a Standard Model car.

Install Aero Kits

Purchase or change aerodynamic parts that create downforce at high speed to increase stability.

Overhaul Engine

Rebuild an engine that has been worn down due to extended driving in order to restore it to its full potential.

Restore Body Rigidity

Repairs damage caused to the car body during extended circuit driving, thereby restoring its original rigidity.

Racing Modifications

Perform various racing modifications, such as making your car more lightweight and fitting a roll cage. (Only on some premium cars.)
Purchasing Tuning Parts

In the Tuning Shop within GT Life, a wide selection of tuning parts essential for improving your car's performance is available.

A list of tuning options to increase your car's body rigidity and reduce its overall weight. Lighter, more rigid bodies are beneficial both in terms of control and lap times.
In order to achieve true speed, it is essential to improve your engine's overall capabilities. The tuning upgrades that improve engine efficiency are offered in stages. You can also tune the ECU in order to better control a high-performance engine.
Intake System
Improving air intake efficiency is one of the basics of tuning, and is often the first step towards improving a car's performance. The parts listed here all help to improve engine power and response by increasing air intake.
Improving a car's exhaust system is as vital for exploiting the engine to its full potential as improving air intake. Install a well-balanced combination of exhaust pipe, catalytic converter and other parts in order to improve your car's performance.
Turbo Kits
Forced induction devices that force more air into the engine are one of the most effective ways of increasing power output. All turbocharger kits come with an intercooler to help reduce air temperature. Superchargers, which boast quicker response than turbochargers, are also available here.
The transmission is an extremely important mechanism designed to transmit engine power to the wheels as efficiently as possible. There are several different types available, from 5- and 6-speed close-ratio transmissions that enable quicker acceleration, all the way up to fully customizable transmissions, which can be adjusted to suit any situation.
A wide selection of drivetrain parts to suit your driving style. Put together a well-balanced selection to make your car faster and better to drive.
The suspension is the mechanism that supports and controls the movement of the car's chassis. Choose from a selection tailored for various ability levels, ranging from fixed suspension aimed at beginners,to advanced fully customizable race suspension.
Well-balanced, with an emphasis on control, these basic tires make for a straightforward driving experience.

*Images shown are from a pre-final version of the game.