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Spec 2.0 Update
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Experience the Spec 2.0 Update
A new and improved Gran Turismo 5 is here, available through a free downloadable update available October 11, 2011.
Standard Cars now given simplified cockpit views
The over 800 standard cars included in the game now feature simplified cockpit views. Use the SELECT button while racing to cycle your camera through the available driving views, including the immersive cockpit view.
Racing at 100mph from behind the steering wheel lets you experience racing from a whole new perspective.
*Unlike the cockpit view of premium cars, the simplified cockpit for standard vehicle models view is shown in a dark silhouette, with standard in-game instruments for gauges.
Full Car List
Vehicle Details
New Opening Movie
A brand new opening cinematic is now available for download from Gran Turismo TV on the main menu in Gran Turismo 5. After downloading this movie, you can enjoy it as the new opening cinematic when you boot up your game.
The previous version will be viewable within Gran Turismo TV.
Click here to watch the video
Gran Turismo TV details
New weather change menu
Now you can make detailed time and weather change settings while editing in the Course Maker and while setting up races in the online lounge.
Additionally on some tracks with weather changes, it is now possible to set time and weather changes from the quick menu in [Practice] of the GT Mode.
Time Transitions / Weather Changes details
Save multiple car tuning setups
Now you can manage multiple car setups using the new setting sheet feature. From the [Setting Sheet] on the lower right of the screen, you can check the current settings. You can switch between three custom presets (A, B, and C), allowing you to change between your personal settings easily according to the race course and type of race.
2011 Season NASCAR cars
The 2011 season NASCAR models have been added to the car dealer, to compliment the 2010 season NASCAR cars already in the game. See below link for details.
2011 season NASCAR car details
Added the GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsport
Find the GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsport has been added to the car dealer. This is the very car entered in the 2011 Nürburgring 24 hour race by Schulze Motorsport of Germany. Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi was part of the team that drove this car to victory in the race, achieving a 1st in class win.
Avatar now usable in Photo Travel
An Avatar ON/OFF feature has been added to Photo Travel using the △ button. Now you can photograph your custom avatar together with your car.
Photo Travel details
Replay Fast Forward/Rewind
In replay videos recorded after the 2.0 update, it is now possible to fast forward or rewind the replays with [Forward] [Rewind] buttons. Now you can easily search for the perfect shot and repeatedly play back a certain section, making the Photo Mode even easier and more fun to use.
Improved Online Lounge
[Car Restrictions] has been added to the Regulations in the online race lounge. Also, the variety of cars that can be used in the Shuffle Race mode has been increased, and a "Shuffle Base" setting now allows you to set the performance level of cars allocated to each player as the game adjusts to the skill level of each player to make the races more competitive.
New Features in Remote Racing
A "Graph Display" has been added to the remote race screen of, allowing you to see the changes in positions in each lap graphically. A time difference display has also been added.
Remote Racing details
New Photo Stage Available
The “Indy: NASCAR Pit Stop” has been added to photo travel. We invite you to check out the exciting pit scenes of NASCAR.
Photo Travel details
New Consecutive Login Bonus
When a user logs in consistently every day, a bonus will now be applied to experience and race rewards.
It will increase to 110% the 1st day, 130% the 2nd day, 150% the 3rd day, 170% the 4th day, to a maximum of 200% on the 5th day. This will apply to all events both online and offline, so logging in every day will help you progress through the game much faster.
DLC (Downloadable Content) Compatibility
A [Downloadable Content] button has been added to the lower right of the main menu screen. Here you can install the downloaded content purchased from the PlayStation®Store.
Downloadable Content details
Official Support for the G25/G27 Racing Wheels
The Logitech G25 Racing Wheel and G27 Racing Wheel steering controllers are now officially supported. You can now also change the button allocation for race commands.
Peripheral details
*Please note that game screen images are from a non-final version of the game, may look different upon release.
*To use the DLC requires Gran Turismo 5 to be updated to the latest version. For details, Please refer to the How to get it page.