GT5 Introduction
Spec 2.0 Update
How to get it
All about GT5
How to get the newest version of Gran Turismo
Learn how to update Gran Turismo 5 for free, and how to purchase DLC through the the PlayStation®Store.
Gran Turismo 5
The original release of Gran Turismo 5 allows players to enjoy over 1000 cars, 70 courses and layouts, and a large variety of gaming modes.
Free Update
When you launch Gran Turismo 5 on while connected to PlayStation Network, you will be prompted to update the game to the latest version if you have not done so already. Follow the on-screen guide to install the update. Additional cars and improved functionality will be added to the game, greatly enhancing your experience.
Downloadable Content
Connect to the PlayStation® Store from the XMB (Cross media bar) of the PlayStation 3, and select the DLC (paid downloadable content) for GT5. You can pick and choose which DLC items you want, or purchase a bundle that contains everything for a special discounted price.

Purchasing and installing DLC from the PlayStation® Store

 First, purchase the DLC (paid downloadable content) in the PlayStation® Store.

  From the XMB (Cross media bar) of the PlayStation 3 connected to a network, choose the [PlayStation®Store] under the [PlayStation®Network].
  From the menu on the left side of the PlayStation®Store top screen, select "Add-Ons."
  Select "Disc-Based Game Add-Ons."
  Select "A-L" and then from the title list, go to "Gran Turismo 5." Or, you can search using the Search function. (The DLC will be available starting October 25, 2011)
  Select the DLC you wish to purchase, and follow the instructions to complete your purchase.
*If you are using the store for the first time, you may need to create a PlayStation®Network Account, and register a method of payment. For details, please visit the official PlayStation®Network website.

 Next, install the purchased DLC in Gran Turismo 5.

  Select the Download Content button on the right side of the main menu in Gran Turismo 5.
* If the free game update (Spec 2.0) has not bee applied, this button will not appear.
  A list of purchased content will appear. Press the Install button for the content you would like to install.
  The installation will complete. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the items to your collection.
Racing Car Pack / Car Pack 2 / Car Pack 3 / Scion FR-S '12 / Honda weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) '11 / Subaru BRZ S '12 / Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy '12 / Corvette C7 Test Prototype / 2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype
Go to [Car Delivery] in GT Mode to add the new cars to your garage.
Course Pack / Twin Ring Motegi Pack
The new courses will be automatically added to the list of courses GT Mode and Arcade mode.
Racing Gear Pack / Paint Pack
You can receive the items from the [Items List] in the GT Mode.
Speed Test Course Pack
New tracks are now available in GT Mode and Arcade Mode,
and the Speed Test function can be accessed in GT Mode.
*Please note that game screen images are from a non-final version of the game, may look different upon release.
*DLC refers to paid downloadable content
*To use the DLC requires Gran Turismo 5 to be updated to the latest version.