Game Modes

Hone Your Skills While Having Fun:
Driving Challenge Mode

Challenges are organized into groups based on theme and difficulty level. Complete challenges to earn credits that can be used to purchase more cars to add to your collection.
Need more help? Select the "i" button to have a narrator walk you through driving tips for the challenge while watching a replay of what to do.

Whether this is your first racing game or you are a seasoned player, the Driving Challenge mode is a great place to learn and practice basic to advanced driving techniques and race theory.

These Driving Challenges range in difficulty and complexity and are designed to teach you the skills to be a pro, from braking and cornering to track mastery and overtaking opponents. It is a virtual library of racing techniques that give beginners and advanced players alike an opportunity to practice and master everything there is to know about racing. Plus, hit the Info button to hear Jay Leno narrate the driving tips for each challenge as the game shows you examples of what to do.

Earn credits and bronze, silver and gold trophies for completing challenges successfully. With over 100 challenges to master, you'll be a pro in no time.


Pick a car and track for endless racing action

Compete against 3 AI-controlled opponents and battle it out for the top spot to win even more credits.

Single player racing lets you race against 3 computer-controlled AI opponents on the track of your choice, with any car you choose from your collection. Or, go it alone in Time Trial to master courses and shoot for a new personal best lap time. Drift Trial mode lets you kick it into high gear for controlled power slides, earning points for style and finesse.

As you play, your driver level goes up, and the skill level of your AI opponents goes up as well.


Have fun with intense racing or just sharing and trading cars

Gathering to play head to head with friends rather than racing faceless opponents online, is a fun experience that is only possible on a portable game device like the PSP®.

A unique feature to Gran Turismo, made possible by the PSP(R) system's Ad Hoc capabilities, is the unique multiplayer modes available. Use Ad Hoc to connect to friends and take your game to the next level.

There are three multiplayer race modes in Gran Turismo. The first is Standard Race, where the host picks a track and each player picks the car of his choice. The next is Party Race, which compensates for varying skill levels between players by adjusting the start times and delaying players who win more. And last is Shuffle Race, which evens the playing field by assigning cars to players based on how well they do. Players who fall behind get faster cars in subsequent races to make things more fair. All of these multiplayer modes are designed to let people have fun playing together, no matter what skill level everyone is.

When the racing fun is over, players can trade and share cars from their collection with others via Ad Hoc. Most cars can be shared, letting players expand their collection must faster on their way to collecting the more than 800 cars in the game. However, some cars are more valuable and can only be given or traded. Plus, when Gran Turismo 5 rolls around, you will be able to transfer your car collection over to the PlayStation(R)3, giving you a head start in amassing a great stable of cars in that game as well.

Race against friends head-to-head, literally, thanks to the Ad Hoc wireless racing modes in Gran Turismo.
Your start will come after waiting for the delay time to pass. Now its all up to your skill to catch up to the others.

Jackpot Races raise the stakes on multiplayer races

Another unique feature to Gran Turismo's multiplayer racing modes is the Jackpot Race. At random, races will be turned into Jackpot Races where the pot of credits at stake for the winner is multiplied. The stakes get even bigger after consecutive wins.

Plus, if you are selected the Lucky Player during a Jackpot Race, you stand to walk away the prize credits for all players, if you can come in 1st.