news headline en Regarding the issue found in “Championship Races” after the 1.16 update: 2015-03-04T00:00:00-05:00 Update Details (1.16) 2015-02-26T03:00:00-05:00 Introducing the MINI Clubman Vision Gran Turismo 2015-02-26T03:00:00-05:00 Introducing the Mid-Field Raceway 2015-02-26T02:59:00-05:00 MINI Vision Gran Turismo Teaser Released 2015-02-25T03:00:00-05:00 GT Academy Graduates Win Bathurst 12 Hour 2015-02-09T03:14:50-05:00 LEXUS LF-LC GT ”Vision Gran Turismo” Revealed 2015-01-30T01:00:00-05:00 LEXUS LF-LC GT “Vision Gran Turismo” Teaser Released 2015-01-29T01:00:00-05:00 Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Revealed 2015-01-28T02:00:00-05:00 Kazunori Yamauchi Awarded the “Grand Prize of Creativity” at the 30th International Automobile Festival 2015-01-28T01:00:00-05:00