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The First Manufacturer Series Champion is Crowned!
FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2018 World Finals

The 'Manufacturer Series Final' of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2018 World Finals took place on 17 November in Monaco. The Lexus team, formed by Kanata Kawakami (Japan), Vincent Rigaud (France), and Tyrell Meadows (USA), was crowned as 1st Manufacturer Series Champion.

The Lexus went through the Top 6 Qualifying Time Trial with a lap time of 8:01.504 in the 'Nürburgring 24h' layout, and started from 2nd place with soft tyres. Kawakami, who overtook the BMW starting in pole position, maintained a steady pace until the end and displayed some brilliant driving.

The Nissan team, formed by the 3 regional champions, was one of the most promising candidates for the victory, but they didn't make it to the Top 6 Qualifying Time Trial due to a mistake with the strategy. Igor Fraga, coming into the race as the last driver, showed tremendous driving skills but ran out of fuel right before the chequered flag and finished in 10th place out of 16.

The 'Nations Cup Final' will be held on 18 November: the last day of the World Finals is where the inaugural 'Nations Cup' Champions will be crowned!

Tyrell Meadows
United States
Vincent Rigaud
Kanata Kawakami

Agustín Cajal
Rayan Derrouiche
Tomoaki Yamanaka

Jonathan Bucha
United States
Thomas Compton-Mcpherson
Great Britain
Yoshiharu Imai
FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2018 World Finals Special Page
16 - 18/11/2018

World Finals
Manufacturer Series Final

Rank Manufacturer / Drivers Time
1 Lexus Tyrell Meadows / Vincent Rigaud / Kanata Kawakami 58:34.493
2 Toyota Agustín Cajal / Rayan Derrouiche / Tomoaki Yamanaka +05.291
3 Aston Martin Jonathan Bucha / Thomas Compton-Mcpherson / Yoshiharu Imai +05.624
4 Mitsubishi Jamon Szkoruda / James Adams / Shogo Yoshida +05.859
5 Porsche Thiago Gonzaga / Sérgio Fonseca / Tatsuya Sugawara +08.328
6 Mercedes-Benz Nickolas Lee McMillen / Edward Williams / Yusuke Nakao +14.539
7 Chevrolet Anthony Felix / Lewis Bentley / Kentaro Yamaguchi +15.555
8 Renault Sport Facundo Dudulec / Coque López / Haruto Miyake +17.384
9 Subaru Joseph Lauro / Ilkka Koikkalainen / Takuma Miyazono +18.427
10 Nissan Igor Fraga / Mikail Hizal / Ryota Kokubun +20.293
11 BMW Nicolás Rubilar / Mike Zocher / Takuya Okamoto +25.976
12 Honda Diego Rubilar / Thomas Leonhart / Shohei Sugimori +41.136
13 Ferrari Andrew Brooks / Matthew Thomas / Yuki Shirakawa +44.707
14 Citroën Jeffrey Gallan / Nicolas Schwendimann / Fumitaka Yagi +45.080
15 Dodge Mark Pinnell / Alessio Pusceddu / Takato Kobayashi +47.730
16 Volkswagen Thiago Bica / Jaroslav Drha / Kenji Goto +1:00.308

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