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Another Win for Japan! Yamanaka (yamado_racing38) Tops the Points Table!
FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2018 World Finals / Nations Cup

Race 3 took place on the high-speed Monza circuit's "no-chicane" layout, with all drivers in Gr.1 cars. Japan's Tomoaki Yamanaka (yamado_racing38), on a high after winning Race 2, had seized pole position in his Audi R18, and soon built up a commanding lead over the chasing pack.

Australia's Cody Nikola Latkovski (Nik_Makozi), driving a Peugeot 908, had started in third place on the grid, but made use of the slipstream provided by the Spaniard Coque López (Williams_Coque14)'s Peugeot L750R to swiftly advance into second place.

Both drivers overran the next chicane, however. To make matters worse, López (Williams_Coque14) caused a major collision when reentering the track. Brazil's Igor Fraga (IOF_RACING17)'s Sauber C9 got caught up in the crash, and dropped down to seventh place.

While all this chaos was unfolding behind him, Yamanaka (yamado_racing38) continued to cruise along in first place, consolidating his hold on the lead.

On the fourth lap, it would be Fraga (IOF_RACING17)'s turn to overrun a chicane. He also made the mistake of changing to hard tyres at his pit stop, which meant he had to make another wasteful stop to change to medium
On the fifth lap, Hungary's Patrik Blazsán (TRL_Fuvaros), who had taken advantage of the earlier disruptions to move into third place, steered his Audi VGT Gr.1 into a gravel trap and entered a spin, immediately falling down to fifteenth place.

Germany's Mikail Hizal (TRL_LIGHTNING), driving a Nissan R92CP, pushed hard to try and overtake Latkovski (Nik_Makozi) in second place, but was unable to make it in the end, and remained third. Both drivers, however, would have been happy to receive a share of the points in the end.

Following his disastrous pit mistake, Fraga (IOF_RACING17) ended the race in tenth place, dealing a serious blow to his chances of claiming the world title.

Yamanaka (yamado_racing38), having led from the start, was able to take advantage of other drivers' difficulties to win with ease and chalk up a second successive victory. The win also saw him build up an eight point lead over Fraga (IOF_RACING17) in the overall rankings, putting himself in an excellent position to take the crown.

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