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A long sought victory gained on the 5th Season, Renault Sport and L-shooter_RB26 becomes Champion!
Test Season 5 Overview

Test Season 5 took place from December 3rd to the 9th across 6 rounds of racing. The first round on Sunday was a Group 3 race staged on the Driving Park Yamagiwa, and here GSN538 entering with Chevrolet in the second race of the day, together with s-shohei_ of Honda and blackbeauty-79 of Renault Sport scored high on the point rankings.

Round 2 was a match on Mount Panorama in Gr.4 machines. Again the 2nd race of the day was the high scoring race, with the top 3 in this race (L-shooter_RB26, blackbeauty-79, and Brond) raking in a good amount of points. But Chevrolet with GSN538 also came in at a respectable 4th place in this race, placing the overall rankings in the order of Chevrolet / GSN538 in the lead, Renault Sport / blackbeauty-79 in 2nd, and Renault Sport / L-shooter_RB26 in third.

Many of the top rankers did not enter the third round on Blue Moon Bay Speedway/Gr.3, but Mercedes-Benz with Nik_Makozi, Porsche with JUN-_-JEEEEN, and Honda with s-shohei_ raised their effective points.

The top rankers were back in force for Round 4, joining the Gr.4 race on Alsace Village to raise their point totals. In the 2nd race of the day, Renault Sport with L-shooter_RB26, Renault Sport with Brond, and Renault Sport with mitosupa77, and Audi with legacy0193 had a direct match against each other, with Renault Sport/L-shooter_RB26 fending off Brond to win the race. L-shooter_RB26 acquired 1971 points, and because GSN538 of Chevrolet had not participated since the 3rd round, this put L-shooter_RB26 at a great advantage in the effective point rankings.

The onslaught of Renault Sport and L-shooter_RB26 continues into Round 5 at the Suzuka Circuit Gr.3 race. Going heads up against Porsche with JUN-_-JEEEEN, Renault Sport with Brond, Honda with s-shohei_ and Mercedes Benz with Nik_Makozi, he holds them all back for an incredible pole to win, gaining 2056points. Now standing at 5956 effective points, there is a considerable gap between L-shooter_RB26 in first place, and JUN-_-JEEEEN with Porsche in second, and Brond with Renault Sport in 3rd.

The final round was a Gr. 4 race on the Lake Maggiore. Here again there was no stopping Renault Sport and L-shooter_RB26. Winning the race against Renault Sport with Brond, Volkswagen with saika159-, and Audi with legacy0193 in the 2nd time slot, Renault Sport and L-shooter_RB26 became the undisputed Series Champion of Test Season 5.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 Renault Sports L-shooter_RB26 S S 1452 1929 - 1971 2056 1858 5956
2 Renault Sports Brond S S 1496 1714 - 1867 1298 1760 5341
3 Porsche JUN-_-JEEEEN S S 1484 1500 1326 933 1947 - 4931
4 Renault Sports blackbeauty-79 S S 1682 1821 - - 1426 1073 4929
5 Honda s-shohei_ S S 1781 750 1261 0 1731 1173 4773
6 Audi legacy0193 S S 1286 1286 - 1659 1406 1564 4629
7 Renault Sports mitosupa77 A S 0 1403 0 1763 - 1384 4550
8 Mercedez-Benz Nik_Makozi S S 1583 731 1416 654 1514 1075 4513
9 Volkswagen saika159- S S 1022 1389 - 1348 - 1662 4399
10 Volkswagen tukushi0021 A S 787 685 1253 1554 1220 1461 4268

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