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The first to exceed 5000 points in the Asia/Oceania region, Dodge wins Test Season 4
Test Season 4 Overview

The Manufacturer Series Test Season 4 was held across 6 rounds from November 26 to December 2nd, and the opening round was a Gr.3 race staged on the Suzuka Circuit. McLaren (JUN-_-JEEEEN), Honda (s-shohei_), and Dodge (legacy0193) scored high in these races, kicking off the battle for the 4th season title.

Round 2 was a Gr. 4 race on the Dragon Trail Seaside. Here in the 2nd race of the day, Audi (matsunagake) starting from 2nd place beats Dodge (Brond) starting from pole position, racking up 1651 points.

At midpoint of the series after 3 races, in 1st place was Honda (s-shohei_/4554pts), with Dodge (Brond/4428pts) in second, and McLaren (JUN-_-JEEEEN/4384pts) in third.

But a new turn of events was waiting in Round 4 (Driving Park Yamagiwa II / Gr. 4). Alfa Romeo (s-o16com) who had been missing in the first 3 races comes out of nowhere for a pole-to win, with a high score.

In the 5th Round on the Nürburgring GP, it was a race of Group 3 cars. Audi (gilles_honda_v12) entering the second race of the day scores 1847 points with a pole-to-win, but having skipped races 1-4 there was not enough races left for the Audi driver to get enough points to win. Meanwhile Dodge in 2nd place (Brond) rises significantly with 1744 points. Expectations were high for Alfa Romeo but s-o16com did not come through this time, ending the race in 7th place without a large increase in points..

In the final Round 6 on the Brands Hatch GP (Gr. 4), Dodge (Brond), Audi (matsunagake) Alfa Romeo (s-o16com) and Honda (s-o16com) all entered the 2nd race of the day for a direct showdown.

A heated battle ensued with the top 4 cars never giving way throughout the race, and the race ended with the same positions as the qualifier. Alfa Romeo in first place (s-o16com) gained a high score of 1948 points. This race also concluded the series point rankings, with Alfa Romeo rising to 2nd place with just the last 3 races.

And the series victory went to Dodge (Brond) who actually finished this race in 8th. Brond was able to fend off the competition with the points gained up to the last race. Meanwhile, Audi (matsunagake) who finished the race in 2nd rose in the series rankings up to 3rd place.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 DODGE Brond S S 1198 1564 1666 1697 1744 1230 5107
2 ALFA ROMEO s-o16com S S - - - 1792 1231 1948 4971
3 AUDI matsunagake A S 836 1651 597 - 1333 1845 4829
4 HONDA s-shohei_ S S 1673 1303 1578 943 1498 1537 4788
5 PORSCHE yukiku A S - 989 1490 1259 1641 1640 4771
6 McLaren JUN-_-JEEEEN S S 1766 1216 1402 1226 1539 820 4707
7 AUDI Right-Matsu A S 1208 1486 682 1320 820 1742 4548
8 DODGE legacy0193 S S 1580 173 1315 1603 1026 1332 4515
9 JAGUAR yamado_racing38 A S - 1483 1622 1344 0 - 4449
10 LEXUS GSN538 A S - 1094 1451 1509 1128 1435 4395

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