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Starting in 2nd place, a victory achieved by will and determination. JUN-_-JEEEEN of Japan achieves his fourth series champion title!
Test Season 6 Overview

Test Season 6 was held across 6 rounds from December 10th to the 16th. Round 1 opened the series with a one make race with the Golf VII GTI on Brands Hatch, where there was a fierce battle between Japan and Australia. In the first race of the day, JUN-_-JEEEEN (Japan) and SpeedyChicken_04 (Australia), and in the 4th race L-Shooter_RB26 (Japan) and GTP_AussieAlex (Australia) went head to head, with the Japanese raising their first victory in both races.

Round 2 was a Gr. 4 race on the Suzuka Circuit where blackbeauty-79, Brond, Noway34, legacy0193, and tatsurou55 each scored high, rising high in the point standings. After the first 3 rounds, it was JUN-_-JEEEEN of Japan in the lead with 4192 points, but there are still other top contenders who have skipped a round, and anything can still happen.

Round 4 on Driving Park Yamagiwa with Group 4 cars: Here, JUN-_-JEEEEN of Japan starting in the first race from 2nd place ends the race with an unexpected 0 points, and Nik_Makozi of Australia who had been inactive in the first 3 races comes in, battling it out with kawanaka222 of Japan in the 3rd race of the day and rising victorious. L-shooter_RB26 of Japan who had skipped races since the first opening race also returns to the track, with a high score of 1686 points .

Round 5 was a Gr. 3 race on Interlagos. Here, JUN-_-JEEEEN of Japan defeats kazunokota also from Japan for 1604 points, raising JUN-_-JEEEEN’s point total to 4558 points. Nik_Makozi (Australia) legacy0193 (Japan), and Dauble-Weapon also scores high, inching closer to JUN-_-JEEEEN.

The final round was a Gr. 3 race on the Suzuka Circuit. Here the focus was on whether legacy0193 and Dauble-Weapon of Japan could overtake JUN-_-JEEEEN(Japan) in points, and whether L-shooter_RB26(Japan), blackbeauty-79 (Japan), and Nik_Makozi (Australia) who have only participated in 2 races so far can turn the tables in one race.

JUN-_-JEEEEN (Japan) entered race 1, starting from 2nd place on the grid. But with tenacity and determination JUN-_-JEEEEN overtooks-shohei_ starting from pole position, winning the race. Gaining 1956 points as a result, JUN-_-JEEEEN succeeded in becoming series champion again, for the 4th time since the start of the Test Seasons. L-shooter_RB26 (Japan) won the race in the 3rd slot, and Nik_Makozi (Australia) won the 2nd slot, and ended 2nd and 3rd place respectively. blackbeauty-79 who had gained 3004 points in 2 races missed this race, and ended the season without rising in position.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 JAPAN JUN-_-JEEEEN S S 1537 1238 1417 0 1604 1956 5097
2 JAPAN L-shooter_RB26 S S 1305 - - 1686 - 1592 4583
3 AUSTRALIA Nik_Makozi S S - - - 1523 1533 1424 4480
4 JAPAN legacy0193 S S - 1578 - 1405 1425 - 4408
5 JAPAN Dauble-Weapon S S 1323 1296 1157 1353 1456 1544 4353
6 JAPAN Brond S S 1375 1642 - - 1254 926 4271
7 AUSTRALIA thestig-13 A S 889 1415 - 749 1371 1338 4124
8 JAPAN Kawakana222 S S 1209 87 1270 1442 1323 1340 4105
9 JAPAN tatsurou55 S S 940 1555 - 1211 1302 1340 4068
10 JAPAN sirvia S S 1168 1490 629 1282 0 404 3940

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