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Renault Sport drivers prove their skill on the track. Second consecutive victory for L-shooter_RB26
Test Season 6 Overview

6 rounds of the Manufacturer Series Test Season 6 was held across December 10th to the 16th. The opening round was on Mount Panorama, with a Gr.3 race. Strong drivers were active in this race, and Renault Sport (L-shooter_RB26 and Brond) and Honda (s-shohei) managed to score high points.

Round 2 was a Gr.3 race on the Blue Moon Bay. JUN-_-JEEEE And mitosupa7 of Renault Sport gained high scores, while L-shooter_RB26 and Brond skipped this race. At the end of round 3, the top of the effective point rankings was mitosupa77 of Renault Sport with 3805 points, but the 11th place finish in the first race meant that the position was still not very solid.

Round 4 on Alsace Village was a battle of Gr. 3 machines. In this race, L-shooter_RB26 who missed rounds 2 and 3 had a close battle with s-shohei_, overcoming him in the end to gain 1783 points. s-shohei_ who ended in 2nd place also gained a respectable 1689 points, and Chevrolet (legacy0193) coming in 4th gained 1501 points. As a result, legacy0193 of Chevrolet rose to the top of the rankings.

Round 5 was a race on the Lake Maggiore in Gr.4 cars. The top players all aimed to raise their effective points in this race. One of the most memorable victories was by L-shooter_RB26 of Renault Sport. Against JUN-_-JEEEEN also of Renault Sport, L-shooter_RB26 achieves a great victory gaining 1812 points, rising to the top of the overall rankings with 5471 points. JUN-_-JEEEEN in 2nd place also jumped to 2nd place with 5035 points, followed by saika159- of Volkswagen in 3rd. legacy0193 of Chevrolet who missed this race dropped to 4th place.

In the final round on Saturday at the Brands Hatch GP Gr.4 race, many of the top drivers entered the 2nd race of the day for some very close racing. There was a solid show of skill by L-shooter_RB26 of Renault Sport achieving a pole to win, gaining the highest score of this season with 1930 points. Following in 2nd was JUN-_-JEEEEN followed by Brond, both driving with Renault Sport. So at the final race of the season, the podium was dominated by Renault Sport.

In terms of the effective point rankings, L-shooter_RB26 and JUN-_-JEEEEN were in 1st and 2nd respectively. Though Honda slid into 3rd with s-shohei_, 4th was another Renault Sport driver Brond. And this was also a 2nd consecutive season victory for L-shooter_RB26.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 RENAULT SPORT L-shooter_RB26 S S 1876 - - 1783 1812 1930 5618
2 RENAULT SPORT JUN-_-JEEEEN S S 1579 1740 0 668 1716 1828 5284
3 HONDA s-shohei_ S S 1777 366 1069 1689 667 1625 5091
4 RENAULT SPORT Brond S S 1678 - - - 1524 1726 4928
5 VOLKSWAGEN saika159- S S 1481 - 1750 - 1525 - 4928
6 CHEVROLET legacy0193 S S 1538 503 1653 1501 - - 4692
7 RENAULT SPORT mitosupa77 S S 888 1648 1269 281 - 1523 4440
8 RENAULT SPORT Rangeraus A S 493 1282 1556 - 1319 711 4157
9 DODGE Kawakana222 S S 1382 824 1458 1219 1215 1117 4059
10 RENAULT SPORT FD3S787 S S 1039 184 1348 1011 1335 1320 4003

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