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With a furious comeback made in the last race of the season, the battle between Japan and Australia ended with a victory for Japan, with driver Brond behind the wheel.
Test Season 5 Overview

6 rounds of the 5th Test Season was held from December 3rd to the 9th. The opening round was a Gr.4 race on Interlagos, where the last season’s champion JUN-_-JEEEEN, together with other Japanese drivers including blackbeauty-79 and Brond placed high on the rankings, with Australian Nik_Makozi following close behind in 4th.

Round 2 was a one-make race in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS staged on Lake Maggiore. In this race PVR103_612 of Japan scored the highest points, followed by JUN-_-JEEEEN in 2nd, and Nik_Makozi of Australia in 3rd.

Then there was a turn of events in Round 3. In the Gr. 4 Huracan one-make race on the Dragon Trail, Australia’s Nik_Makozi executes a perfect pole-to-win scoring 1661 points, shooting him up to the top of the rankings. At the end of 3 rounds, in 1st place of the point ranking was Australia with Nik_Makozi, Japan in 2nd with JUN-_-JEEEEN, and Japan also in 3rd with PVR103_612 at the wheel.

Round 4 was hosted after a day of rest. This was a race on the Brands Hatch GP in the Toyota 86 GRMN. Japan fought hard in this race, with s-shohei_ entering for the first time this season and scoring top points. This was followed by L-shooter_RB26 and Brond of Japan. Meanwhile Nik_Makozi of Australia did manage to win Race 2 in this day, but only scored 1251 points, and was unable to raise his effective point total.

There were more changes in ranking in Round 5. In the race on Driving Park Miyabi with the Toyota S-FR, Japan’s L-shooter_RB26, Brond, and yukiku matched up directly with Australia’s Nik_Makozi. While L-shooter_RB26 achieved an impressive victory in this race, Nik_Makozi dropped to a disappointing 7th place, and Japan/L-shooter_RB26 comes to the top of the point standings. This dropped Australia and Nik_Makozi to 3rd overall. Former champion JUN-_-JEEEEN of Japan also scored no points in this race, failing to move up as expected in this race.

The final round on Saturday was a Gr.3 race on the Nürburgring GP. Japan’s L-shooter_RB26 on top of the rankings entered in the 4th race of the day, and was matched together with PVR103_612 and Right-Matsu also of Japan. After a good fight on the track L-shooter_RB26 managed to win the race but only scored 1385 points, fixing L-shooter_RB26’s season point total at 4714 points.

Meanwhile Japan’s Brond managed to secure high points in this race. Entering the first race of the day, Brond held back Nik_Makozi/Australia and yukiku/Japan to win the race with 1653 points. As a result, Brond overcame L-shooter_RB26 with just a 76 point difference, making a successful comeback to win this week’s race series.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 JAPAN Brond S S 1522 - 1202 1508 1615 1653 4790
2 JAPAN L-shooter_RB26 S S 1341 1193 - 1523 1806 1385 4177
3 AUSTRALIA Nik_Makozi S S 1464 1333 1661 1251 1235 1566 4691
4 JAPAN JUN-_-JEEEEN S S 1637 1347 1316 1433 0 - 4017
5 JAPAN yukiku S S 516 1268 1546 1344 1330 1479 4369
6 JAPAN m2vsmario S S 1378 - 1486 - - 1392 4256
7 JAPAN Noway34 S S 1441 1189 1460 1254 - - 4155
8 JAPAN blackbeauty-79 S S 1550 1263 0 - 1290 - 4103
9 JAPAN PVR103_612 A S 1291 1427 1351 952 1305 1308 4086
10 JAPAN tatsurou55 A S - - 1311 - 1425 1245 3981

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