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In a Battle Royale of Manufacturers, Honda makes a big comeback and s-shohei_ achieves his first Championship Title!
Test Season 7 Overview

6 rounds of Test Season 7 took place between December 17th to the 23rd. In the same manner as the Nations Cup, a “Top 24 Superstars” timeslot was introduced, with a special race matching together only the very top players in the end. Everyone’s eyes were on the final race that could overturn the ranking in one fatal swoop!

The first round of Sunday was a match of Gr. 3 machines on Interlagos. Here, s-shohei_ of Honda, Kawakana222 with Dodge, and m2vsmario with Citroën scored high in the rankings, placing in the top 3.

Round 2 was a race on the Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa with Gr. 3 machines. In this race, Honda’s s-shohei_ won over Kawakana222 of Dodge, raising his score further, while Brond of Renault Sport also scored high and jumped to 2nd place in the overall rankings. At the end of 3 races, On top was Brond of Renault Sport with 2 wins out of 3. In second was s-shohei_ with Honda, and 3rd was PVR103_612 with Peugeot.

The 4th round on Thursday was a Gr. 4 race on the Suzuka Circuit. Here, Brond of Renault Sport lost to JUN-_-JEEEEN and L-Shooter_RB26 also driving with Renault Sport, but still held on to 1st place in the season ranking with 1842 points. Honda’s s-shohei_ won his race but his score topped at 1408pts, not enough to overturn the ranking position. In 3rd was PVR103_612 with Peugeot, and in 4th was sirvia with Renault Sport.

Round 5 was a Gr. 3 race on the Nürburgring GP. Here, both L-Shooter_RB26 and JUN-_-JEEEEN who started this season from Round 3 came strong, with L-Shooter_RB26 in the 2nd race of the day gaining 1942pts in total to move up to the top of the rankings, and though JUN-_-JEEEEN ended the same race in 5th place, in overall rankings JUN-_-JEEEEN rose to 3rd place. Honda’s s-shohei_ dropped to 4th, but there was only a 246 point difference with 3rd. Everything was left hanging on the outcome of the last race.

On the final round of the season on Saturday was a Gr.4 race on the Dragon Trail. The “Top 24 Superstars” race set for the 3rd time slot was entered by fujio4jd of Aston Martin, L-Shooter_RB26 of Renault Sport, Dauble-Weapon of Toyota, and s-shohei_ of Honda. JUN-_-JEEEEN of Renault Sport did not enter this race, pretty much ending any possibility of JUN-_-JEEEEN winning the series.

The race started with Aston Martin (fujio4jd) in pole position, with L-Shooter_RB26 of Renault Sport chasing behind. However a freak mishap saw L-Shooter_RB26 retiring out of the race with no points. The winner of the race was Aston Martin’s fujio4jd, but in overall rankings Honda’s s-shohei_ was on top for his first series victory. This season was a heated battle between 10 different manufacturers lining up in the top 10, raising expectations for more excitement on the way.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 HONDA s-shohei_ S S 1755 1742 974 1408 1329 8119 11616
2 TOYOTA Dauble-Weapon S S - 1960 - 846 - 8763 11569
3 ASTON MARTIN fujio4jd A S - - 939 1072 1246 9085 11403
4 CHEVROLET legacy0193 S S - 1197 - 1083 1324 8441 10962
5 MERCEDES BENZ tomii_gucchi1216 A S 1398 1186 - - 1309 7797 10504
6 VOLKSWAGEN chonko_213 A S - - 1196 1439 - 7475 10110
7 BMW kyuta A S 887 1196 - - 1162 7153 9511
8 PORSCHE rest0g A S - 1415 870 1185 - 6831 9431
9 RENAULT SPORT sirvia S S 1250 1546 1452 1426 - 6187 9185
10 CITROEN yushun3984 A S - 1301 1031 398 1307 6509 9117

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