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(Fri.-Sun.) 22-24/11/2019
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Live Broadcast

22/11 (Fri.)

2019 World Finals - MONACO | Nations Cup Semi-final
5PM - 8PM (GMT)
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Race Results

23/11 (Sat.)

Mazda Trackside Talk and Pro-Am Race
2:00PM - 3:30PM (GMT)

2019 World Finals - MONACO | Manufacturer Series Final
5PM - 8PM (GMT)
Race Structure
Race Results

24/11 (Sun.)

Event Overview

The 'FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships' 2019 Series will wrap up at the Monaco World Finals, held on 22 – 24 November.

The finals will be hosted again this year in the Principality of Monaco, located along the Mediterranean Sea and well established throughout the world for its stunning resorts and its motor racing heritage.

56 of the world’s best drivers from 19 different countries/territories will gather in Monaco to decide who will be named the 2019 Series Champions.

The Nations Cup produced four winners of varying characteristics from five World Tours hosted this year. Will the Brazilian hero Igor Fraga achieve a second consecutive Series victory or will we see a new champion emerge? Don’t miss what is sure to be an intense battle of will and pride!

Meanwhile in the ‘Manufacturer Series’, can anyone stop Mercedes-Benz after their impressive two wins in the World Tours? Could it be Porsche coming fresh off of their win at the fifth World Tour in Tokyo, or Toyota with their all-star driver lineup? And what of Lexus, last year’s reigning champions? Be sure to tune in to the battle of car manufacturers in the ‘Manufacturer Series.’

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