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Gran Turismo™ 7

Fanatec Announced as Official Steering Wheel Partner of the Gran Turismo World Series

We are pleased to welcome Fanatec, the leading brand in sim racing hardware, as our official steering wheel partner of the Gran Turismo World Series.

Since their founding in 1997, Fanatec has made numerous innovations in sim racing technology, popularising belt-driven force feedback, introducing load cell sensors and contactless magnetic sensors on mass-market pedals, and launching the first direct drive system for the PlayStation®4 system. Furthering their expertise through partnerships with leading car manufacturers and international racing series, they have become an invaluable part of modern motorsports. In 2021 they announced plans to develop racing peripherals with cutting-edge force feedback technology through a partnership with Gran Turismo.

And now Fanatec has become the official steering wheel partner for Gran Turismo’s global championship, the Gran Turismo World Series. Fanatec will have their own section added to the Brand Central area of Gran Turismo 7.

Fanatec have also announced they will be providing support to the 2018 Gran Turismo World Series Nations Cup winner and current real-world and virtual motorsports driver Igor Omura Fraga as a personal sponsor. They will be supporting him through the 2023 Super Formula Lights series.