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GT5 Information

Update Notice (2.11)

A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5.
The main contents of the update are as follows:

- The Performance Point (PP) adjustments made in Update 2.10 have been cancelled. The PP calculation method has been reverted to the one implemented in Update 2.09.

- The way the title automatically selects rain tyres has been adjusted. Please note that this may change the normally recommended tyres during pit-stop, and the pit timings of opponent cars during races.

- Adjusted the autopilot behaviour when the road moisture conditions are changing.

[Correction of Known Issues]
- Fixed the issue where the title would not boot after Update 2.10 under certain circumstances.

[To Check Your Current Version]
To check the version of your software, press the "Manual" button at the bottom of the main menu screen. The version number will be located on the upper left of the index page in this manual.

If the number starts with "Ver. 2.11", you are playing the latest version of the game.

If not, please press the PS button and quit the game. The game will be updated automatically when you restart it with your PS3™ system connected to the internet.