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Alpine Vision Gran Turismo

Alpine Vision Gran Turismo
Originally released in Gran Turismo 6 on March 18, 2015




Car Description

Alpine, the French sports car brand par excellence, is back. After victory for the A450 Le Mans prototype in the European Endurance Championship in 2013, and the revival of the Alpine brand in February 2016, the brand has gone from strength to strength, culminating in the globally acclaimed debut of the new A110 sports car in 2017.
Since its creation back in the mid-1950s, Alpine has built a legend informed by passion and a taste for challenges. With its light, agile, efficient and elegant sports cars, Alpine has consistently taken on and often defeated the most powerful and prestigious automotive leaders.
Released in March 2015, the people at Alpine proudly introduced Gran Turismo players to a sports car as unique as it is fascinating: the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo. The sleek and distinctive vehicle, developed exclusively for the world’s most famous vehicle simulation game, was created by the same dedicated designers and engineers who are working on the future production model. So it comes as no surprise that the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo explores the key Alpine themes of agility, pleasure and style to the hilt.
Agility is a defining characteristic of the road behaviour of an Alpine. Alpine cars are designed to bring drivers at-the-wheel pleasure at all times and have a particular way with corners. The heady pleasure felt on board an Alpine stems from the feeling of being one with the machine. With their limited mass, Alpines respond instantly and seamlessly to the driver’s input. And they have always stood apart through their innate sense of beauty and style, on road and track alike.
The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, in its own distinctive way, features all these ingredients.
In the rear body styling, aficionados will see a nod to Alpine racing cars such as the A210, energy efficiency champion winning its class at the 1966 Le Mans race, the A442B, overall winner of the 1978 Le Mans, and the A450, victorious in the LMP2 category in the 2013 ELMS competition. Players of all ages will admire the car’s original, low-slung flanks, redolent of lightness and aerodynamics. They will also be surprised by the richness of the creative details, as seen in the side air brakes. The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo will unleash the curiosity of all-comers, discreetly featuring a few traits of secret inspiration that echo the future production model. But above all the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo pursues the ambitious aim of bringing Gran Turismo players a preview of the impressive road manners of the future sports car.
Weaving a winning link between past and future, road and track, and virtual and real, the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo has a soul. And, above all, it conveys the enthusiastic spirit of the teams who are designing tomorrow’s passion today.

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