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Škoda Vision Gran Turismo

Škoda Vision Gran Turismo




Car Description

Drawing on the rich heritage of Škoda Motorsport, the Škoda Design Team has created a visionary study of a single-seater, all-electric racing concept car: the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo. Created exclusively for Gran Turismo, this concept represents Škoda’s first inclusion in the Gran Turismo series. Inspired by the Škoda 1100 OHC Spyder racing car from 1957, a vehicle originally developed for the prestigious 24-hour Le Mans race, the Vision Gran Turismo is a modern tribute to this legendary racing car and promises an immersive and responsive driving experience.
The Škoda Vision Gran Turismo project began in 2019 when the design team revisited the iconic Škoda 1100 OHC. Initially, the team was debating whether to restore the original 1100 OHC or create a futuristic iteration for the digital age. After consulting with Chief Designer Oliver Stefani, the Škoda Design team opted for an innovative approach, creating a fusion of past and future.
This racing concept pays homage to its legendary predecessor as well as incorporating the defining features of Škoda’s Modern Solid design language, as seen in its T-shaped headlights. What’s more, the Vision Gran Turismo showcases two distinct liveries: one reflecting the heritage of the famous Škoda 130 RS racing car from 70´s, and the other inspired by the Vision 7S concept car, which embodies Škoda´s Modern Solid Design philosophy.
The Škoda Vision Gran Turismo boasts a sleek exterior with crisp, clear lines and pronounced edges, mirroring the aesthetics of current Formula E racers. Its design is optimised for superior handling through active aerodynamics. Features like the aerodynamically sculpted body, and the striking, adaptive two-piece rear wing, all work together to dynamically adjust to driving conditions and boost performance. The vehicle incorporates independent wishbone push-rod type suspension system, mounted to a carbon monocoque similar to those found in Formula E cars, improving high-speed stability, reducing body roll, and lowering the vehicle’s centre of gravity.
Efficiency and excellent driving dynamics are at the heart of the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo design. It is equipped with two 200 kW (268.2 BHP) electric twin motors, one on each axle, delivering a combined power output of 800 kW (1,071 BHP). The inclusion of all-wheel drive with intelligent torque distribution across both axles ensures a balanced and responsive driving experience. This is complemented by a smooth, single-speed transmission, providing seamless acceleration.
The design of the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo harmonises the exterior and interior, giving the driver the feeling of merging with the car – especially once they take a seat in the cockpit of the cutting-edge carbon monocoque chassis.
The cockpit emphasises technical precision and driver-centric design. Drawing inspiration from Formula One, the driving position is ergonomically tailored to fit the pilot’s physique, ensuring optimal comfort and control. The driver steers with a futuristic, flattened steering wheel, directly influenced by Gran Turismo 7 as a dominant design highlight of the interior. Additionally, the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo is equipped with onboard proximity sensors that alert the driver to nearby vehicles, significantly reducing the risk of side collisions. The interior also boasts ultra-lightweight titanium for its connecting elements and pedals, which are anchored to the floor and come with a titanium grip footplate for greater stability. Safety is paramount, with the driver secured by a six-point seat belt and surrounded by a lightweight carbon structure. This frame not only provides maximum rigidity but also optimises passive safety features. Made from carbon fibre, the steering framework further underscores the vehicle’s blend of high performance and safety.

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