'World Series Showdown' Results & 'Bonus Campaign’ Rewards Distribution Notice

The 'World Series Showdown', a global live event contested by the world's top drivers, has ended and the results are now confirmed.

Below are Nations Cup drivers and Manufacturers Cup teams that finished in the top 3.

■Nations Cup

Pos. / Country / Driver Name (PSN Online ID) / World Series Points
1st / France / Kylian Drumont (PRiMA_Kylian19) / 6
2nd / Brazil / Igor Fraga (IOF_RACING17) / 5
3rd / Japan / Ryota Kokubun (Akagi_1942mi) / 4

■Manufacturers Cup

Pos. / Manufacturer / Driver Name (PSN Online ID) / World Series Points
1st / Subaru / Daniel Solis (PX7-Lamb), Kylian Drumont (PRiMA_Kylian19) / 6
2nd / AMG / Lucas Bonelli (TGT_BONELLI), Baptiste Beauvois (R8G_TSUTSU), Kazuki Cho (fujio4jd) / 5
3rd / Toyota / Igor Fraga (IOF_RACING17), Nikita Moysov (ERM_Nick), Ryota Kokubun (Akagi_1942mi) / 4

All the action from the event is available to watch on demand from the Gran Turismo World Series 2022 Special Page or Gran Turismo LIVE.

We will also be distributing 'Predict the Winner' bonuses based on the results of the World Series Showdown' to those who correctly predicted the winners.

■How to Claim
- The Bonus Campaign rewards (in-game credits) from each round can be found in the ‘Garage’ under ‘Gifts’.
- For each round of the Bonus Campaign, the process will be considered completed once rewards have been distributed to ‘Gifts’.

Next up in the Gran Turismo World Series 2022 Series is 'World Series Round 2', which will be broadcast on 25 September and 9 October.

'Gran Turismo World Series 2022' Special Page

'Predict the Winners' Campaign
'Predict the Winners' Campaign