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Gran Turismo LIVE

Introducing 'Gran Turismo Live', an Original Programme Showing Footage from the 'Top 24 Superstars' Races!

Round 6 'Top 24 Superstars' race for the Final Season of the 'FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championship' 2018 Series was held on 25 August.

Gran Turismo has published some exciting footage of the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series races on the official 'Gran Turismo TV' YouTube channel as an original 'Gran Turismo Live' programme inclusive of commentary.

You won’t want to miss the exciting battle on the track between the very best players in the series!

The races for individual Regions can be viewed from the links below.

Europe/Middle East/Africa Region

・Nations Cup (English)

・Manufacturer Series (English)

・Nations Cup & Manufacturer Series (Spanish)

North/Central/South America Region

・Nations Cup (English)

Asia/Oceania Region

・Nations Cup / Manufacturer Series (Japanese)