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Terms and Conditions for “TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup” Competition – Asia Region

Children aged 12 or younger: please read together with a guardian.

■ About the Championship

The Championship is an official online racing series held as part of the Sport Mode feature of Gran Turismo Sport.

The Championship is organised by Toyota Motor Corporation (hereafter, “Toyota”) and the companies it has entrusted with operation of the event: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC and its subcontractors and partnering companies (collectively, “the Organisers”).

Anyone can participate in the Championship, but you must agree to all parts of this Participation Agreement in order to participate. If you wish to take part in the Championship, please ensure that you have agreed to all parts of this agreement before you do so.

In addition to this Participation Agreement, the following agreements also apply. Please review them in addition to this Participation Agreement.

Sport Mode Terms & Conditions

PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement

■ Championship Overview

The Championship will consist of 7 Rounds taking placing from April 25, 2021 to August 22, 2021.

At the conclusion of all Rounds of the event, the players with the highest positions in the points ranking will be selected as participation candidates at the final tournament (hereafter, “the Final Tournament”; organised by Toyota).

Details regarding the Final Tournament will be announced at the below website once finalised:

■ Regarding Participation in the Final Tournament

Communication about participation in the Final Tournament will be sent from the Organisers to participation candidates to the e-mail address registered for participation in Sport Mode.

Participation candidates will receive the right to participate if they meet the following conditions:

  • Candidate will be at least 6 years old by April 25, 2021 and able to attend the Final Tournament.
  • Candidate has presented documents proving his or her age to the Organisers (health insurance card, passport, basic residence register card, motorised vehicle driver’s licence, automobile driver’s licence, student card, or pension ledger.)

Support will be provided by Toyota, the organiser of the Tournament, for fees incurred for transportation from the participation candidate’s residence to the Tournament venue and lodging fees in relation to attendance to the Tournament.

■ Regarding Personal Data

The information registered when participating in Sport Mode (hereafter, “Registered Information”) is required for participation in the Championship.

Of this Registered Information, any personally identifying data (hereafter, “Personal Data”) will be used for the following purposes:

  • For the Organisers to communicate with participants about operation of the Championship and participation in the Final Tournament
  • For Toyota to send its e-mail newsletter
  • For Toyota to send questionnaires about the Championship and vehicles manufactured by Toyota
  • To invite participants to events held by Toyota and its affiliated companies

Personal Data will be handled as described below:

In relation to the Championship:

Corrections and deletion of this data can be done via the Options menu within Gran Turismo Sport.


Please inquire below about corrections or deletion of data.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing e-Motorsports Secretariat
(TOYOTA Connected Corporation)
Inquiries e-mail address: tgr-ems@mail.toyotaconnected.co.jp

■ Important Points of Caution:

The Organisers may eliminate or delete participant data without prior notice to participants in the context of operation of the Championship.

The Organisers make no guarantees whatsoever about the completeness, accuracy, potential for damage, or, with regards to the purposes of the participants, suitability of the Championship.

The Organisers bear no liability whatsoever for any damage incurred by the participants or third parties in connection with use of the Championship by participants.

The Organisers bear no liability whatsoever in the event that, for whatever reason, participant data is partially or completely lost, or participant data is deleted or eliminated by the Organisers.

The Organisers bear no liability whatsoever in the event that damage is incurred by participants as a result of suspension or termination of the Championship for any reason.

The Organisers may terminate use of the Championship by the participants or take other necessary action without notification if participants are found to have violated the PSN Terms of Service and User Agreement, the Sport Mode Usage Agreement, or this Participation Agreement.

This agreement is subject to change. Notifications of any changes will appear at the top of the screen for the Championship.