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World Finals Broadcast

18/12 (Fri.)

GR Supra GT Cup 2020 Finals
14:00 (CET) YouTube Live Broadcast
Race Structure

19/12 (Sat.)

2020 World Finals Manufacturer Series Final
14:00 (CET) YouTube Live Broadcast
Race Structure

20/12 (Sun.)

2020 World Finals Nations Cup Final
14:00 (CET) YouTube Live Broadcast
Race Structure

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2020 World Finals and GR Supra GT Cup Finals Live Streams Notice



From 18 to 20 December, we will be streaming live all of the action from the FIA...

Event Overview

Since its inception as an official FIA-certified event, the FIA Gran Turismo Championships has consistently provided race fans with plenty of spectacular battles and edge-of-your-seat excitement. Now in its third year, the format of the event had to be altered in lieu of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in more than 30 races in the span of four months. Yet, in a test of sheer perseverance, a champion is about to be crowned in this truly unusual and challenging season.

Two events will ultimately decide the winners of the "FIA Gran Turismo Championships" 2020 Series; they are the Regional Finals and the World Finals, both of which will be contested completely online.

The Nations Cup Regional Finals - the regions consisting of Europe/Middle East/Africa, the Americas, and Asia-Oceania - will determine the competitors advancing to the Nations Cup World Finals. The World Finals will determine the best of the best, as winners from "World Tour 2020 - Sydney" and the 2020 Online Series, which were held from April to August, battle it out for the grand prize.

The "GR Supra GT Cup 2020" Finals, the global one-make series in its second year, will also be held.

Each event will be broadcast on the official "Gran Turismo TV" YouTube channel and on "Gran Turismo LIVE," complete with commentary.

Make sure you don't miss a second of the action of either the FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2020 Series and second annual GR Supra GT Cup because this year, they're sure to go down in history.

Regional Finals Archive

Regional Finals | Finals | Europe/Middle East/Africa
Race Structure

Regional Finals | Finals | Asia-Oceania
Race Structure

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