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GT Academy

GT Academy 2013 to be distributed from 3 July

From July 3, 2013, we will start the free distribution of the PlayStation 3 exclusive title, "GT Academy 2013", which will be available for a limited time until July 30, 2013.

As the exact timing of the distribution will vary according to your region, we will inform you in this news section again once it is available.

For this year's GT Academy participant territories in Europe and North America, the online qualifiers will be hosted in this title.

GT Academy 2013 Participating Territories
GT Academy 2013 Europe Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, France, Spain, Portugal , Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweeden, UK
GT Academy 2013 Germany Germany
GT Academy 2013 Russia Russia
GT Academy 2013 North America USA

All contents of this software are available to those living outside of GT Academy participant territories. You can enjoy it as the demo for Gran Turismo 6, which is currently in development for release in the winter of 2013. Please be aware that players in non-participant territories will not be subject to the online qualifier selection.

We hope you will all enjoy the GT Academy 2013!