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Gran Turismo®6

Special Holiday Season Online Events

As a Thank You to all of our Gran Turismo 6 players, we will be hosting a “New Year’s Holiday Challenge” in our upcoming “Seasonal Events”.

This New Year’s Holiday Challenge will start with 4 events of “Season 1”, and 4 more events will be added later as “Season 2”. The difficulty level is higher than the usual Seasonal Events, but the reward credits and present cars will be much higher in value.

The total number of credits that will be awarded for finishing 1st in each race, plus achieving Gold in the trials will add up to a maximum of 10 million credits. Even finishing 3rd and achieving Bronze prizes will award a much higher credit value than our traditional Seasonal Events, so please give them a try.

Thank you for playing the “Gran Turismo” series through 2014, and we hope to see all of you back playing in 2015!

“New Year’s Holiday Challenge” Details:

Season 1:

Starts: December 17, 2014 after the online maintenance for the ver. 1.15 update.
Ends: January 7, 2015 at 22:00 EST

- A-Spec Race (1 event)
- Time Trials (2 events)
- Drift Trial (1 event)

Season 2:

Starts: December 25, 2014 01:00 EST
Ends: January 7, 2015 at 22:00 EST

- A-Spec Race (1 event)
- Time Trial (2 events)
- Drift Trial (1 event)