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GT6 Update Info

Regarding the issue found in “Championship Races” after the 1.16 update:

After installation of the 1.16 update for Gran Turismo 6, we have found that the issue indicated below will occur when performing the following actions:

1. Start a championship race series using [B-Spec].

2. After a race is finished, regardless of whether the race is completed or aborted, [Suspend Championship] is selected from the quick menu.

3. The message “Suspend the championship and exit the game. You will be able to resume the championship from this point the next time you start the game.” is displayed, and the [OK] button is pressed.

4. Autosave is performed, and “Thank you for playing. If you press the PS button and exit the game, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off when you next start the game. If you return to the race, race suspension will be canceled.” is displayed, and the game is exited.

5. After restarting the game, selecting either [A-Spec] or [B-Spec] does not start the race, making it impossible to resume progress in the previously saved championship.

You can select [Exit] in the Quick Menu during “5” above. This will return you to the “My Home” screen and will allow you to continue the game. However please be aware that this will delete your progress in that Championship series.

If you were playing in the [A Spec] mode in the race prior to suspending the race, this issue will not occur.

We will notify everyone when this issue is corrected in a new update.
We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and any problems this may incur.