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Announcing the collaboration between Citroen and Polyphony Digital

At the press day of the Geneva Auto Show (Open to the general public from March 6 (Thurs.) – March 16) held in Switzerland, Citroen has announced their new collaboration with Polyphony Digital.

On March 4th at 12:15pm, Gilles Michel who stood at the podium for the press briefing of the Geneva Auto show announced at the end of his speech, that "Citroen will now work as a creator in the Video Game world hereafter". Simultaneous to the announcement, an image clip "Gran Turismo meets CITROËN" was played on the overhead monitor, and the Gran Turismo” series producer Kazunori Yamauchi stepped up onto the stage. And in front of the large number of news media, the collaboration between the two companies was officially announced.

Citroen will create a special sports model concept car for Gran Turismo, in a unique collaboration project to be presented to the world. The result of the collaboration will be presented at the Paris Auto salon in October this year.

Citroen has won glorious victories in the WRC (World Rally Championship) in recent years, and through the new innovations in design by their design director, Jean Pierre Ploué, has been successful in their business as well. Look forward to the result of their collaboration.