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Unveiling of the GT by Citroen at the Paris Motor Show

At 9:40 AM local time on October 2, the French auto manufacturer Citroen held a press briefing at the Paris motor show, and unveiled the concept car born out of the collaboration with Gran Turismo; the GT by Citroen.

GT by Citroen is a personification of the image of a 21st century sports car, and its major characteristic is in its unique, avant-garde styling. The fenders lifting away from the body are like plates of armor, and its front mask with its sharp gaze is reminiscent of faceplates on the helmets of Japanese warlords in feudal Japan.

This concept car was designed by Yamamoto Takumi, a designer who has shared a long friendship with the producer of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi. He has succeeded in weaving together the image of challenge and revolution held by Citroën, with Japanese history and the leading edge of culture.

At the show, the movie "GT by Citroen Unveil" was shown along with the unveiling. Through this concept car, Gran Turismo marks the way for a new generation of concept cars that go beyond the boundaries of car shows.

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