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FANATEC® Gran Turismo DD Extreme



The Gran Turismo DD Extreme is the official Direct Drive system for Gran Turismo. The combination of an advanced steering wheel designed in partnership with Polyphony Digital and the 15 Nm ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base delivers consistent torque performance and detailed force feedback.

Designed for Gran Turismo

The 300mm diameter steering wheel is perfect for driving all types of cars and the premium vegan leather rim provides a realistic look and feel. It’s the best way to experience Gran Turismo, with four 5-way directional sticks, RGB LED rings, RGB RevLEDs and FlagLEDs, and a 2.7-inch OLED display.

Tactile inputs

Enjoy every gear change using the large magnetic paddle shifters. The lightweight wheel and precision fit of the QR2 quick release system means you’ll feel all the fine detail from FullForce technology (in supported games*) and the responsiveness of the direct drive motor.

The Most Advanced Direct Drive System Officially Licensed for PlayStation®5

The combination of PlayStation®5 console performance with FANATEC® Direct Drive technology delivers responsive and incredibly dynamic force feedback.

Smooth Operation

By splitting the rotor into offset segments, cogging torque is naturally reduced. Combined with our patented FluxBarrier technology that increases efficiency and smoothness, the result is crystal-clear force feedback information in every driving situation.

Consistent Torque, Lap After Lap

Engineered to meet strict cooling requirements, the ClubSport DD+ is the most thermally stable Wheel Base in its class, so you can have absolute confidence that the torque output and force feedback will remain consistent, no matter how long you drive.

Lightning Fast Acceleration

The speed of the ClubSport DD+ servo motor allows you to fine-tune its behavior with more accuracy than any previous Fanatec Wheel Base. This means your steering wheel can feel very active, clearly communicating the smallest details while also feeling perfectly stable, resistant to unwanted oscillation.

FullForce: Direct Drive Force Feedback 2.0

Previous force feedback protocols were designed for gear and belt-driven devices — the only hardware available at the time. FullForce is a new force feedback protocol tailored specifically to FANATEC® Direct Drive. Leveraging the instantaneous response and zero backlash of direct drive technology, FullForce generates high-frequency vibrations for a new level of immersive effects. Feel the engine revs and details of the road surface like never before. Only FullForce gives you the full experience of driving a race car.

Precision Response

Class-leading slew rate performance combined with the powerful processor makes every motor reaction incredibly fast and dynamic, while remaining perfectly stable. This behavior lends itself to traditional force feedback signals as well as enhanced FullForce signals (in supported games*).

* FullForce support will be added to Gran Turismo 7 in a future update.

Gran Turismo DD Extreme

Price: 1,299.95 USD (excl. tax)

Hardware Compatibility

Compatible with all PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 consoles.

Also compatible with PC on all major racing games.

Compatibility with other platforms depends on the steering wheel used. For more information, please check the product page of the steering wheel you plan to use it.

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