'Gran Turismo Sport' to 'Gran Turismo 7' Player Data Transfer Notice (Repost)

With the release of 'Gran Turismo 7', players will be able to start playing the new title with stats and data carried over from Gran Turismo Sport. These transfers have taken place automatically on Tuesday, 15 February.

Transferred data include the Driver Rating (DR), Sportsmanship Rating (SR), Liveries (car, helmet and suit) and Decals. Please note that contents related to Scapes, Race Photos and Replays were not transferred.

Details regarding the data transfer and points of caution are as follows:

■ Ratings

・The status of the Driver Rating (DR) and Sportsmanship Rating (SR) that will be carried over will be their status as of Tuesday, 15 February 15;
・These transferred ratings will be applied at the release of Gran Turismo 7;
・These transferred ratings will be applied on the Test Season, an Online Championship planned to be held after the release of Gran Turismo 7.

■ Liveries and Decals

・Only Liveries created after 22 December 2017 at 4:30am (UTC) and that have been shared as 'Open to All' at the time of the transfer will be carried over;
・All Decals content will be transferred, whether it is shared as 'Open to All', 'Open to Friends', or not shared at all from My Library;
・Likes and Comments associated to this User Generated Content will not be carried over;
・Content that has been transferred will need to be re-shared in the settings in order for them to be visible to other players;
・Some Liveries and Decals content might not be transferable as not compatible with GT7's new specifications;
・Some transferred designs might not be identical due to the difference in the paintable areas of GT7 compared to GT Sport;
・A maximum of 100 transferred Car Liveries will be displayed at a time in the 'GT Sport Liveries' menu found under GT Auto → Car Customisation → Livery Editor → Open Design. If more than 100 car Liveries are transferred, new Liveries will be displayed as old ones are imported or deleted. Also, when importing you will need to change your current car to the target car;
・It is possible to further edit Car Liveries once they are imported;
・Helmet/Suit Liveries will be saved in My Items after being imported;
・Decals set to be transferred will automatically be added to My Items;
・It is possible to verify the content ready to be transferred to GT7 from the menus below(*):
 ・Car Livery: GT Auto → Car Customisation → Livery Editor → Open Design → All Cars
 ・Helmet/Suit Livery: GT Auto → Driving Gear → Helmet Livery/Racing Suit Livery → Open Design
 ・Decals: Set Showcase → My Library → My Items → Content Type to ‘Decals’

*1: If you have Livery data that contains a Paint applied to the Car Livery, you will need enough in-game Credits at the time of import for the Paint to be transferred.
*2: Wheels will not be carried over to Gran Turismo 7 with the Car Liveries. Only the paint color applied to the wheel will be transferred.