Introducing the 'Gran Turismo 7' September Update: Adding 3 New Cars, Including a New Mazda Gr.4 Race Car!

Gran Turismo 7 will receive an update on 28 September 2023.

The following is a list of contents included with Update 1.38:

1. Three new cars, including a custom car born at SEMA and an all-new FF sport, will be added.

Garage RCR Civic

Honda Civic Type R '22


2. Two 'Extra Menus' will be added to the Café.

[Extra Menu No. 29] 'Collection: Porsche Supercars' (Collector Level 42 and above)

[Extra Menu No. 30] 'Collection: GR' (Collector Level 39 and above)

3. New Scapes Spots will be added to 'Nissan' in Brand Central.

Thank you for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy Gran Turismo 7!