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Awareness for Australia is on the rise. Nik_Makozi attains the championship victory with rock solid driving and speed!
Test Season 12 Overview

Test Season 12 for the Nations Cup took place across 6 rounds, from January 28 to February 3.

Round 1 was a one make race in the Corvette C7 Gr. 3 roadcar, staged on the Lake Maggiore GP. In this battle, the top contender of Australia, Nik_Makozi showed some incredible driving to acquire the highest points. L-Shooter_RB26 of Japan also won the 3rd race of the day to acquire a high score.

Round 2 was a race on the Alsace Village in Gr.3 cars. Nik_Makozi of Australia again showed strength in the up and down battle on the mountain track. Seize_HKS of Hong Kong who ended last season in 5th place also gained a high score, securing a good position. At the end of the first 3 rounds, Nik_Makozi of Australia was in the lead of the point rankings, followed by Seize_HKS/Hong Kong, and kuro96GT/Japan in third.

Round 4 after the break on Wednesday was a one make race in the Porsche Cayman GT4 on Big Willow, the main course of Willow Springs. The battle on the famous American circuit was dominated by Japan’s L-Shooter_RB26 who gained the highest score, together with Brond of Japan and Australia’s Nik_Makozi who also finished with high point scores.

Round 5 took place on the popular Dragon Trail with Group 3 machines. In this race, Australia’s Nik_Makozi had an amazing run, winning the race from 4th position in qualifying for the highest score. Meanwhile Japan’s FD3S787 won the 3rd race of the day to gain high point totals. On the other hand Japan’s Brond ending in 10th didn’t quite perform, showing no increase in the point totals, and L-Shooter _RB26 skipped this race.

The final round on Saturday was a Gr. 4 race on the Monza Circuit, the famous high speed track that has been added recently. In the Top 24 Superstars Race, the top ranking group all entered the race.

Australia’s Nik_Makozi showed rock solid driving from the qualifying to the final race, achieving a perfect pole to win while never having dropped from the top of the rankings throughout the season. In 2nd was Japan’s fsroony5548 who jumped up from 6th in qualifying, and also ended the overall point rankings in 3rd place. L-Shooter_RB26 of Japan who was in 2nd in the ranking unexpectedly retired out of the race right after race start, ending with no points and sunk to 21st place.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 AUSTRALIA Nik_Makozi S S 1797 2275 1800 1874 1919 10517 14711
2 JAPAN Brond S S 1691 1915 - 1999 479 9742 13656
2 JAPAN fsroony5548 S S 1162 1275 1282 0 1783 10129 13194
4 JAPAN Kawakana222 S S 1653 0 1575 1749 1439 9355 12757
5 HONG KONG Seize_HKS S S 1479 2035 1350 0 1805 8581 12421
6 JAPAN kuro96GT S S 1345 1436 1463 0 799 8968 11867
7 JAPAN fd3sr20b0654 S S 1047 1749 1443 1488 1759 8194 11702
8 JAPAN toybubu1205 S S - 1796 1238 0 1279 7419 10494
9 JAPAN TSK-racing-SIM S S 1285 531 525 899 1128 7807 10220
10 JAPAN GReeeeN-one0110 S S 870 1508 1470 1157 938 6645 9623

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