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A first overall victory for Ferrari, s-shohei_ wins his 2nd series championship!
Test Season 12 Overview

The manufacturer series saw its 12th test season hosted across 6 rounds from January 28 to February 3rd.

The opening round on Sunday was a Gr. 3 race on the newly added Monza Circuit. On the famed ultra-high speed track of Italy, Nik_Makozi showed great skill in a Mercedes-Benz, taking the victory in the race. Created_by_Doll with BMW and y_nuno2702 with Mercedes Benz also scored high points as well.

The 2nd round was a Gr. 4 battle on the Dragon Trail. In the clash of machines along the Adriatic coastline rich in nature, kuro96GT with Aston Martin, and Akagi_1942mi with Nissan scores high points. In the 3rd race (Interlagos/Gr.4), Nik_Makozi with Mercedes-Benz finished the 2nd race of the day in 11th place, causing a major move in the point rankings. The top of the season rankings at the end of the first 3 races was led by Created_by_Doll of BMW, followed by fd3sr20b0654 / BMW, and Kawakana222 of Mercedes-Benz.

The 4th round after the break on Wednesday reopened on Brands Hatch GP with Gr. 3 machines. Here, Nik_Makozi of Mercedes-Benz showed great performance, achieving a Pole to Win and secured 2054 points. This returned him to the top of the point rankings. However, Created_by_Doll of BMW had jumped from 4th in qualifying to 2nd in the final race, making the final outcome still uncertain.

Round 5 on Friday was a Gr. 4 race on the Tokyo Expressway East Outer Loop. In this ultra-high speed battle, Nik_Makozi of Mercedes-Benz showed great tenacity to achieve a fantastic pole to win with 2310 points. Meanwhile Created_by_Doll of BMW did not fair too well at 8th place, dropping to 4th in the overall rankings.

The final round of racing on Saturday was on Japan’s famous Suzuka Circuit, using Gr. 3 cars. In the Top 24 Superstars race, the top ranking drivers all joined in.

However in the qualifying session for this race, Nik_Makozi in the lead dropped to 9th place, with Ferrari’s s-shohei rising to pole position. Brond of Citroën sat in the front row, biding his time.

The race final saw Nik_Makozi making a fantastic comeback, overtaking one car after another up to 3rd place. 2nd place held strong however, with Brond of Citroën leaving no room for overtaking. The point rankings also ended in this order, with Ferrari attaining their first overall series championship, and s-shohei_ achieving his 2nd championship victory in the test seasons.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 FERRARI s-shohei_ S S 1613 1433 1989 1812 2181 10687 14857
2 CITROËN Brond S S - 788 2362 2175 - 10292 14829
3 MERCEDES BENZ Nik_Makozi S S 1959 1954 1118 2054 2310 9897 14261
4 MERCEDES BENZ Kawakana222 S S 1728 1824 1616 1450 0 9502 13054
5 PORSCHE TOMMYKAIRA_R32 S S 0 1303 - 1933 - 9107 12343
6 DODGE Leafa_12 S S 1514 1591 1454 1851 1155 8712 12154
7 CITROËN FD3S787 S S - 1563 1616 1710 1668 8317 11695
8 DODGE Seize_HKS S S 1512 390 1740 1691 898 7528 10959
9 BMW kyuta S S 1701 1760 1357 1620 - 7133 10594
10 ASTON MARTIN fujio4jd S S - 1864 1648 1658 2053 6343 10260

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