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Australia becomes King of the track for the very first time. Nik_Makozi reigns in Season 9!
Test Season 9 Overview

Nations Cup Test Season 9 was hosted across 6 rounds starting on January 7 to the 13th. On the opening round on Sunday was a race on the Suzuka Circuit, using the newly added GT-R V Spec II Nür (R34). Here 5 time champion JUN-_-JEEEEN of Japan scored the highest points at 1672, followed by Mit_Kraft and poki_kocky of Japan, and goformula of Korea in the top ranks.

In the Round 2 Group 3 race at Blue Moon Bay, JUN-_-JEEEEN who started in pole position in the first race of the day had a mishap finishing in 12th; Japan’s kuro96GT rises to the top of the rankings. But the situation was still ever-changing. At the end of the first 3 races, Japan has a lead over the other countries in rankings with drivers rest0g, poki_kocky, and Kawakana222

Round 4 following after the break on Wednesday was a Group 4 race on the Dragon Trail. JUN-_-JEEEEN records a perfect pole to win, taking back the lead position in rankings. In 2nd is Kawakana222, who rose one position. Australia with Nik_Makozi who started in Round 3 produces good results 2 races in a row, well within sight of the top ranks.

Round 5 on Friday was a race on Mount Panorama with Group 3 machines. In the first race of the day, Nik_Makozi (Australia) and JUN-_-JEEEEN(Japan) enters a heated battle, with JUN-_-JEEEEN starting in 2nd beating Nik_Makozi in pole position. Kawakana222 starting in 3rd from qualifying sank to 13th place, and as a result Nik_Makozi (Australia) gained 1823 points, jumping immediately to 2nd place in overall season rankings.

The final Top 24 Superstars race was staged on the Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa + Miyabi, as a one-make race using the Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R32).

The final started with kuro96GT, Mit_Kraft, JUN-_-JEEEEN, FD3S787, and Kawakana222 all from Japan in this order. However kuro96GT lost his position to Mit_Kraft’s onslaught, and Australia’s Nik_Makozi starting from 7th and Brond of Japan starting in 6th showed incredible skill as they started to rise through the ranks. In the end, Mit_Kraft of Japan who kept an aggressive stance won the race, with Nik_Makozi (Australia) in 2nd, and Brond (Japan) in 3rd, followed by JUN-_-JEEEEN in 4th place.

This also had a major effect on the overall season point rankings. Nik_Makozi gained 9979 points in total, achieving the first Nations Cup Victory for Australia. In 2nd was Mit_Kraft of Japan who jumped from 9th place in the previous day, and JUN-_-JEEEEN of Japan ended the season in 3rd place.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 AUSTRALIA Nik_Makozi S S - - 1526 1993 1823 9979 13795
2 JAPAN Mit_Kraft S S 1623 85 1394 1328 - 10342 13359
3 JAPAN JUN-_-JEEEEN S S 1672 808 1441 2104 1931 9253 13288
4 JAPAN Brond S S - - - 1771 1716 9616 13103
5 JAPAN kuro96GT S S 1507 1819 725 1596 1609 8528 11956
6 JAPAN Kawakana222 S S 1180 1679 1375 1882 643 8165 11726
7 JAPAN FD3S787 S S 1452 559 - 1303 1385 7803 10640
8 JAPAN poki_kocky S S 1596 1586 1160 1555 1298 7740 10622
9 JAPAN Dauble-Weapon S S - - - 1107 - 8891 9998
10 JAPAN SCfromLA A S 1241 - 1102 1408 1511 7077 9996

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