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Jaguar leads in the first 3 rounds; Akagi_1942mi takes the championship title for the first time!
Test Season 13

Season Digest

The 13th season of the Manufacturer series was held across 6 rounds beginning February 4th to the 10th.

The opening round was a Gr. 3 race on the Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa. In the 2nd race of the day, Akagi_1942mi in a Jaguar scored the highest points, followed by Created_by_Doll with Citroën, and saika159- with Porsche both placing their name high in the rankings.

Round 2 was a Gr.4 race on the Lake Maggiore East layout. Here, Akagi_1942mi succeeds in attaining a perfect pole-to-win, achieving a consecutive race victory. In second place was kuro96GT with Mercedes-Benz, who also jumped up to 2nd place in the season rankings.

However in Round 3 on the Alsace Village/Gr.3 race, Akagi_1942mi remained in the lead, but FD3S787 and Created_by_Doll both driving for Citroën gained high scores in the race. At the end of the first 3 rounds, 1st in the point rankings was Akagi_1942mi / Jaguar, followed by Created_by_Doll/Citroën in 2nd, and FD3S787/Citroën in 3rd.

Round 4 after the break on Wednesday was staged on Interlagos with Gr.3 Machines. Perhaps satisfied with the points in the first half of the season,
Akagi_1942mi/Jaguar and Created_by_Doll/Citroën skipped this race. Meanwhile Seize_HKS with Mercedes-Benz and TOMMYKAIRA_R32 with Porsche showed great performance in this round.

Round 5 on Friday was a Group 4 race on the Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa + Miyabi. The race on this technical track that joins together 2 separate tracks saw Akagi_1942mi skip the race again, while Created_by_Doll with Citroën, and kuro96GTand Kawakana222 with Mercedes-Benz scored high points. There was still no change in the leading position of Akagi_1942mi, but because the points are very close in 2nd place and below, there was a good chance there will be some turmoil in the final round.

The final round on Saturday was a Gr. 3 race on the full course layout of Lake Maggiore. In the Top 24 Superstars race on the 3rd race of the day, the top group all entered as expected.

The top in qualifying was saika159- with Porsche. In 2nd was y_nuno2702 with BMW, and Akagi_1942mi who is number 1 in the season rankings started in 4th place. However in the race final, Akagi_1942mi chases up the ranks one by one to get to the front of the pack. In the end the winner was Akagi_1942mi. In 2nd place was Nik_Makozi with Mercedes-Benz.

In the overall point rankings, Jaguar/Akagi_1942mi was without a doubt the winner of the series. In 2nd place was s-shohei_ who did not really have an impressive top rank finish leading up to the final round. In 3rd was Created_by_Doll/Citroën, and in 4th was BMW・y_nuno2702. This race completed Test Season 13.

Top 24 Super Stars Review

Porsche/Saika159- outdid Mercedes-Benz / Nik_Makozi to achieve pole position. But the King was quick to take action. Just 40 seconds into the race, Nik_Makozi starts to rise to the top.
BMW’s y_nuno2702 starting in 2nd place was involved in a collision with Mercedes-Benz on the first lap, and was out of the competition.

On the 8th lap when it seemed Nik_Makozi would dominate again, there was movement in the race. While the top group all came in at once to refuel and change tires, Jaguar/Akagi_1942mi shortened his fueling time and the positions changed. The top group changed as well.

Top drivers take into account fuel management when controlling their pace on the track, so it must have been a surprise for Nik_Makozi who was dethroned. Because everyone only refuels the minimum amount necessary, it was not possible to raise pace in the latter half, and Akagi_1942mi now pulled the race behind him.

A heated battle for 3rd place also ensued. Ferrari/ s_shohei_ and Porsche/Leafa_12 had been at it since the beginning of the race. However s_shohei_ has always shown that he excels at close combat, and never loses concentration even in long races. He defends 3rd place with rock solid performance.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 JAGUAR Akagi_1942mi S S 2327 2309 2395 - - 11545 16267
2 FERRARI s-shohei_ S S 1347 1944 1729 1599 1267 10715 14388
3 CITROËN Created_by_Doll S S 2204 1701 2128 - 2155 9470 13829
4 BMW y_nuno2702 S S 1837 972 1463 1492 - 10300 13629
5 PORSCHE Leafa_12 S S 1276 884 1073 1207 1638 9885 12799
6 MERCEDES BENZ Nik_Makozi S S - - - - 1647 11130 12777
7 PORSCHE TOMMYKAIRA_R32 S S 367 1579 1330 1919 0 9055 12553
8 PORSCHE saika159- S S 2082 - 1581 - 1901 8225 12208
9 MAZDA Prince32R S S 1701 1706 665 1645 - 8640 12047
10 CITROËN FD3S787 S S 1592 2065 2261 1706 633 7395 11721

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