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In a chaotic battle of the top 24, Brond with Citroën achieves a second double title victory!
Test Season 11 Overview

Test Season 11 of the Manufacturer series was held across 6 rounds starting from January 21st to the 27th. The opening round on Sunday was a Gr. 3 match on the Lake Maggiore. 3 drivers for Citroën including L-Shooter_RB26, Created_by_Doll, and Brond scored high in this race, raising their names to the top of the rankings.

Round 2 was a Gr. 4 race on the Alsace Village. Citroën drivers also came strong here, with the top 3 drivers gaining more points. Meanwhile Audi’s TOMMYKAIRA_R32and BMW’s fd3sr20b0654 also showed great skill on the track, eyeing their chance to rise above and beyond the rest. At the end of the first 3 Rounds of racing, Brond of Citroën was in the lead in the season rankings, followed by Citroën’s Created_by_Doll, and Audi’s TOMMYKAIRA_R32 in third.

Round 4 on Thursday continued after the Wednesday break. This was a Gr.3 race on the technical Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa + Miyabi, and in the second race of the day, Ferrari / s-shohei_ came in 2nd after Citroën / Brond, rising to 3rd in point rankings. Nik_Makozi of Mercedes-Benz who skipped rounds 1 to 3 finished 3rd in the race and gained 2140 points.

Round 5 on Friday was a Gr.3 oval race on the Blue Moon Bay. While many of the top rankers missed this race, sirvia of Dodge, N0BLE_1989 with Lexas, and teraemon2000 of Toyota finished the race in the top ranks and secured points.
The rankings still saw Citroën/Brond in the lead with Citroën/Created_by_Doll in 2nd place, but 3rd place was now sirvia of Dodge, raising expectations for the final round of the next day.

The final round on Saturday was a Gr.4 match on Brazil’s famed Interlagos Circuit.
The Top 24 Superstars held on the 3rd race of the day saw many entries from top rankers aiming to win the series. However there was turmoil in the race starting from the qualifying session. saika159- with Mazda secured pole position, with 2nd place being taken by Nik_Makozi and Mercedes-Benz. Citroën/Brond who had been unstoppable until now lagged behind in 4th.

In the final race, while saika159- leads the race with some solid driving, s-shohei_ of Ferrari starting in 8th place makes some bold overtakes. Citroën/Brond starting from 4th also showed his skill, gradually raising positions. In the end the winner was saika159- with Mazda. Citroën / Brond came in 2nd, with s-shohei_/Ferrari in 3rd. In the series point rankings, saika159- ended in 3rd with 10131 points. In 2nd was Ferrari / s-shohei_, and the championship went to Citroën and Brond who refused to give up until the very end. Brond also won the Nations Cup this season, marking his 2nd double title victory.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 CITROEN Brond S S 1843 2057 2276 2392 - 9743 14411
2 FERRARI s-shohei_ S S - 1028 2156 2266 - 9356 13778
3 MAZDA saika159- S S 1759 1699 1698 1734 - 10131 13624
4 NISSAN Akagi_1942mi S S 1597 1371 1557 1888 1687 8582 12157
5 DODGE Kawakana222 S S 1720 1600 958 2014 0 8195 11929
6 BMW fd3sr20b0654 S S 1552 1799 684 1836 984 7807 11442
7 DODGE sirvia S S 1586 1499 1916 1133 2004 7420 11340
8 MERCEDES BENZ Nik_Makozi S S - - - 2140 210 8969 11319
9 AUDI TOMMYKAIRA_R32 S S 1656 1943 1796 1510 - 6646 10385
10 MAZDA MARITARO8 A S 1242 1497 1663 - 1230 7033 10193

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