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Showing the grit of a true champion, Brond of Japan defends the lead in point rankings for an overall victory!
Test Season 11 Overview

The 11th test season of the Nations Cup was held across 6 rounds from January 21st to the 27th. The opening round on Sunday was a Gr. 4 race on the Brazilian Interlagos. The top players gathered in the 1st race of the day, and Brond (Japan) starting in pole position took the first win. In 2nd was jipapa (Japan), and in 3rd was L-Shooter_RB26, also of Japan.

Round 2 was on the Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa, a one make race with the Alfa Romeo 4C Gr. 3 Road Car. Here, Japan’s Dauble-Weapon who missed Round 1 won the race to secure a good number of points, while Brond, and mish12calsonic also of Japan gained more points. After the first 3 rounds of racing, the top of the point rankings was Brond in the lead, with mish12calsonic of Japan in 2nd, and Leafa_12 also of Japan in 3rd.

After the break on Wednesday, Round 4 took place on Thursday. This was a one-make race in the Huracan Gr.4 on the British Brands Hatch GP. Here, Fighting against the domination of the Japanese drivers, Australia’s top driver Nik_Makozi joined the season for his first race and outperformed Brond to win the race. Meanwhile Kawakana222 of Japan won the 3rd race of the day, rising to 2nd in point rankings.

Round 5 on Friday was a one make race in the Suzuki Swift Sport, on the Tokyo Expressway Central Outer Loop. Brond of Japan who had not missed a race until now skipped this round, and Japan’s L-Shooter_RB26, s-shohei_, and Dauble-Weapon finished in top positions. But they did not score high enough in points to remove Brond from the throne.

In the final round on Saturday, the Top 24 Superstars race was filled with all the top ranking drivers over the seasons. In qualifying, L-Shooter_RB26 out did Brond to secure pole position, with Brond in 2nd, and Nik_Makozi of Australia in 3rd.

The final race was a Gr. 3 race on the Nürburgring GP. Here there was a high level dogfight between the top drivers, fighting to keep their position. In the end the drivers finished in their qualifying positions, with L-Shooter_RB26 maintaining his lead to finish the race in first place, followed by Brond, with Nik_Makozi in 3rd. However in the overall point rankings, Brond who secured high scores in rounds 1 and 4 had the upper hand on L-Shooter_RB26, taking the series champion title once again since 2 seasons ago. Brond also won the Manufacturer series this season, for a second double title win following Test Season 8.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 JAPAN Brond S S 1854 1826 1808 1944 - 9612 13410
2 JAPAN L-shooter_RB26 S S 1648 1660 - - 1507 9992 13300
2 AUSTRALIA Nik_Makozi S S - - - 2059 1241 9231 12531
4 JAPAN Kawakana222 S S 1687 - 1595 1932 - 8851 12470
5 HONG KONG Seize_HKS S S - 1246 1389 1824 1110 8470 11638
6 JAPAN FD3S787 S S 1030 1611 1489 915 1152 8089 11189
7 JAPAN toybubu1205 S S 1545 1719 1324 1715 - 7709 11143
8 JAPAN y_nuno2702 S S 721 1504 1702 1372 - 7328 10534
9 JAPAN poki_kocky S S - 1220 1446 1112 1129 6948 9614
10 JAPAN kuro96GT S S - 1459 1509 1143 - 6567 9535

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