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2 consecutive Manufacturer’s title victories by ”Brond” with Citroën!
Test Season 9 Overview

Test season 9 took place across 6 rounds between January 7 to the 13th. Its opening round was on the Brands Hatch GP using Gr. 3 machines, and the 2nd race of the day saw a collection of top players in the race. Brond driving for Citroën, s-shohei_ with Ferrari, and JUN-_-JEEEEN also with Citroën scored high points in the race and placed high in the early point rankings of the season.

Round 2 was a battle on Interlagos with Gr. 4 machines. Here, Brond of Citroën Wins race 3 and maintains the top ranking position, while kazunokota also with Citroën wins race 2, jumping up to 2nd place in overall rankings. At the halfway point after Round 3, Brond of Citroën was in 1st place, followed by s-shohei_ with Ferrari, and Kawakana222 with dodge in 3rd.

Round 4 took place on Thursday after a break. Here it was a Gr. 3 race on the Big Willow of Willow Springs. Citroën’s L-Shooter_RB26 who entered the season from Round 3 beats Brond (Citroën) and s-shohei_ (Ferrari), increasing his chances of being in the top point rankings in the next race. The standings at this point was still Citroën with Brond in first place and Ferrari with s-shohei_ in 2nd, but 3rd place was now filled an another Citroën driven by FD3S787.

Round 5 was a Group 4 race on the Brands Hatch Indy course. While expectations were high for L-Shooter_RB26 to rise to the top ranks in this race, L-Shooter_RB26 ended up skipping this race. Meanwhile in the 2nd race of this day, Brond and s-shohei_ driving for Ferrari became 1st and 2nd respectively, holding tight to their ranking positions. FD3S787 on the other hand did not fair too well at 10th in qualifying and 15th in the Race final. Then rising to 3rd place was JUN-_-JEEEEN of Citroën.

In round 6, the Top 24 Superstars race held as the 4th race of the day included Brond and s-shohei_, as well as Nik_Makozi driving for Mercedes-Benz, hipppo777 with Porsche, and kazunokota of Citroën. L-Shooter_RB26 and JUN-_-JEEEEN driving for Citroën missed this race, and ended the season without furthering their point totals.

In the race final, Brond / Citroën led the race with rock solid performance, and Nik_Makozi / Mercedes-Benz was on the chase from 4th in qualifying. However Brond had a solid grip on the lead, and managed to achieve a consecutive championship victory continuing from the previous season. 2nd in the point rankings was s-shohei_ / Ferrari who came in 3rd in this race, and 3rd overall in the season was Nik_Makozi / Mercedes Benz who came in 2nd in this race.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 CITROEN Brond S S 2138 1912 2170 2129 2179 10738 15087
2 FERRARI s-shohei_ S S 2025 1505 1929 1893 2057 9978 14060
3 MERCEDES BENZ Nik_Makozi S S - - 1446 1774 1694 10358 13826
4 CITROEN kazunokota S S 1800 2200 844 0 0 9218 13218
5 PORSCHE hipppo777 S S 1723 - 1579 1021 - 9598 12900
6 DODGE Kawakana222 S S 1350 1968 1567 1419 1452 8838 12373
7 CITROEN sitor S S 0 1852 1808 2011 484 8458 12321
8 MITSUBISHI saika159- S S 1237 312 1688 - 1733 8078 11499
9 CITROEN yushun3984 S S 1111 603 1509 1223 1531 7698 10738
10 PORSCHE sirvia S S 1632 1106 893 1671 0 6938 10241

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