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Japan's Dramatic Comeback! 2nd Place Shared With Australia Due to Miraculous Identical Point Score
Test Season 10 Overview

The 10th Test Season of the Nations Cup was held across 6 rounds from January 14th to the 20th.

The opening round was a match on the Nürburgring GP in the Audi TT Cup. These types of one make races are a true test of skill; Japan’s L-Shooter_RB26 and chonko_213, and Australia’s Nik_Makozi showed some incredible driving to score high points.

Round 2 continued on the Brands Hatch Indy with Racing Karts. Here, Nik_Makozi won the race with some good offensive driving, surpassing Japan’s L-Shooter_RB26 in the point rankings. At the end of Round 3 (Interlagos / Gr. 3), the point ranking was in the order of Australia / Nik_Makozi in the lead, Japan’s L-Shooter_RB26 in second place, and Merry_chataro_lc of Japan in third. However Kawakana222 and GTJ_300 of Japan who ended race 2 with no points are very close in terms of skill, so anything could still happen at this stage.

Round 4 on Thursday after the break was a one make race in the Mazda RX-7, on the Suzuka Circuit. Here, FD3S787, k24a_cm2, and s-shohei_ of Japan masterfully controlled the rotary-engined sportscar for some high scores. Round 5 on Friday was a Gr. 3 race staged on the Dragon Trail. In this battle, Japan’s Kawakana222 achieves a perfect pole to win in race 3 of the day. Racking up 1746 points Kawakana222 jumps from outside the top 10 ranking all the way to 4th place. Meanwhile Japan’s APEX-evolution,Taiwan’s ZeroYuRen, and Hong Kong’s saika159- who entered the season for the first time in this race also showed some impressive driving.

In the final round on Saturday. The top 24 Superstars race saw Australia’s Nik_Makozi in the lead of point rankings chased by Japan’s L-Shooter_RB26 and Kawakana222. In qualifying, L-Shooter_RB26 and Kawakana222 lapped some good times, taking the pole position and a 2nd place start. Meanwhile Nik_Makozi could not perform as well as he could, rising no higher than 6th place.

In the race final, both L-Shooter_RB26 and Kawakana222 would not give way to anyone, keeping their qualifying positions all the way to the finish line. Meanwhile Australia’s Nik_Makozi squeezes out 3 overtakes with some seriously focused driving, finishing the race in 3rd place. As a result, Japan’s L-Shooter_RB26 who scored 9962 points overturned the rankings, reclaiming the Championship title that was his back in Test Season 6. L-Shooter_RB26 also won the Manufacturer series this season, claiming a double title. In the end second place was actually shared by Japan’s Kawakana222 and Australia’s Nik_Makozi, who both earned identical season points at 12976 points.

Point Ranking (Top10)

1 JAPAN L-shooter_RB26 S S 1890 1661 1595 - - 9962 13513
2 JAPAN Kawakana222 S S 1630 0 1518 471 1746 9600 12976
2 AUSTRALIA Nik_Makozi S S 1785 1869 1869 1134 1571 9238 12976
4 JAPAN GTJ_300 S S 1401 - 1651 526 1582 8152 11385
5 JAPAN kuro96GT S S 1319 1354 1407 0 1117 8514 11275
6 JAPAN Merry_chataro_lc S S 1577 1765 1402 1607 - 7790 11162
7 JAPAN y_nuno2702 S S 1680 - 116 94 0 8876 10672
8 JAPAN k24a_cm2 A S 1138 1225 1477 1668 1489 7066 10223
9 JAPAN toybubu1205 S S - 526 1391 1229 739 6704 9324
10 JAPAN chonko_213 S S 1721 - - - - 7428 9149

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