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The FIA GT Championships 2021 Series is About to Begin!

The 'FIA Gran Turismo Championships' 2021 Series will open on 21 April.

Continuing from the previous years, there will be two Championships contained within, with the 'Nations Cup' fought by top representatives from various countries and territories around the world, and the 'Manufacturer Series', a competition between various auto manufacturers including the Official Partners Toyota and Mazda.

In the all-virtual 2021 Series, in addition to the usual Online Series where competitors can earn points, there will be 4 ‘World Series’ events where the top players from around the world will battle, and a ‘World Series Showdown’ event in August that will wrap the first half of the competition, and then the ‘World Finals’ that will determine this year’s champion. The number of participating countries and territories will increase to a total of 61, evolving into an even more exciting global championship.

As always, these events will be broadcast to the world through our official ‘Gran Turismo TV’ YouTube Channel and ‘Gran Turismo Live.’ Viewers will be able to enjoy watching the exciting battles of the best players in the new series right from the comfort of their own homes.

The FIA GT Championships started as a championship certified by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) in 2018 and has produced many iconic battles and human drama since its inauguration. In last year’s Series, not only did Japan’s representative Takuma Miyazono became champion of the Nations Cup, he was also joined by Mikail Hizal (Turkey) and Daniel Solis (USA) in Team Subaru, to also win the Manufacturer Series. What drama awaits in the 4th year of the Championships? See for yourself the history in making, and the birth of new heroes!

For details regarding this year’s schedule and how to participate in the Championships, please refer to the ‘FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021 Series Overview’.

You can also view the Championships to date on the official ‘Gran Turismo TV’ YouTube Channel and ‘Gran Turismo LIVE.’

Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo Series Producer

Due to the effect of COVID-19, we are missing the atmosphere of our World Series events and the opportunity to meet our wonderful competitors directly, but we’re lucky that we can still test new ideas and continue to grow the FIA Gran Turismo Championships even in this online environment.

We’re excited by the new format of this year's series and by the developments in our broadcast production integrating new technologies; we are certain that we can show everyone even more exciting racing. While we are looking forward to getting back to meeting up with competitors and fans in person, we feel it is right to keep the Championships purely online in 2021. I wish all competitors, both those that we already know in person and those that will be up and coming this year, the best of luck in their way through a competition involving several million of people, and thanks for their continued support.

I’m convinced that we will see some breath-taking, high-level racing again this year.

Graham Stoker, FIA’s Deputy President for Sport

We are entering the fourth year of a very strong relationship with Gran Turismo and it has been such a success. Digital Motor Sport has come to the fore during the pandemic, and it was great to see so many competitors taking part in the Championships last year and to watch such an exciting World Finals. With previous winners from Brazil and Germany joined by last year’s winner from Japan, this is proving to be a truly global series.

Anna Nordkvist, FIA Digital Motor Sport Commission President

Aware of the need to bring the discipline’s stakeholders together in an ecosystem that benefits everyone, the FIA has worked on a strategic plan for Digital Motor Sport, which aims to promote its inherent qualities, namely mass participation, diversity, its affordability and its potential to drive interest in motor sport and become a grassroots discipline in its own right. The FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships are one of the key assets of this strategy and we strongly believe that the future is bright for this new form of racing!

Broadcast Schedule

World Series

- Round 1: 6 June
- Round 2: 11 July
- Round 3: 3 October
- Round 4: 14 November

A total of four Rounds separated into two Seasons will be scheduled in June, July, October, and November. The best competitors of the world will gather and put up a fight to secure their place in the World Finals.

Season 1 (Round 1 and Round 2) competitors will be selected from the 2020 World Finals, and for Season 2, they will be selected from the World Series Showdown (details hereafter).

World Series Showdown

The World Series Showdown is scheduled on 21-22 August and represents a milestone of the Series, where the participation spot into Season 2 is placed on the line. Competitors will consist of the 2020 World Finalists and the top competitors of the 2021 Online Series Season 1. This is a critical event where up to 10 World Series points can be acquired by the competitors, giving those advancing to the World Finals an advantage in the final battle.

World Finals

Planned to be held on 3-5 December, this is the final event that will determine the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series Champions for 2021.

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