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'Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event’ World Final to be Broadcast on 23 June!

The World Final of the ‘Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event’ will be broadcast on 23 June at 17:00 BST.

This show will bring together seven competitors from the Europe/Middle East/Africa region, four from Asia, two from North America, two from Central & South America, and one from Oceania, who qualified through the Global Online Qualification held in May.

These 16 competitors will now battle in One-Make races using identical cars for the World Final. The competitor with the highest cumulative points after three races will be the winner of the inaugural Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event.

For more details such as broadcast times, competitor information, and race format, please visit the special ‘Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event’ page.

Find out who will bring the first honours to their home country in this inaugural ‘Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event’!

Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event Special Webpage
The World Final to be held on June 23

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