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'Star Players' Selection Notice (20 April)

On 20 April, selections for 'Star Player' eligibility have taken place according to the results of the following 'FIA Gran Turismo Championships' 2020 Series events:

■ 'Star Players' Eligibility Events
 ・Nations Cup '2020 Series – Exhibition Stage'
 ・Manufacturer Series '2020 Series – Exhibition Stage'

The deadline for the 'Star Player' registration is set to Saturday, 30 May.
For more details about the 'Star Player' prerequisites, please see the following page 'STAR PLAYERS'.

Please note that currently registered 'Star Players' who do not fulfil the registration prerequisites in the above events will be unregistered.


Due to the cancellation of ‘World Tour 2020 – Nürburgring' and changes in the starting date for the 2020 Series, both top players from the Exhibition Stage (previously 'Stage 1') which started from 17 March and those from the previous ‘2020 Series Pre-Season’ event will be eligible for Star Player selection.

Thank you for continuing to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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