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World Series Showdown 2023 in Amsterdam on 11-12 August, Races Streamed Live From the Venue!

The World Series Showdown 2023 event will be held in Amsterdam on 11-12 August. The Showdown will be the first live event to be held in 2023 as part of the official Gran Turismo international championship, the Gran Turismo World Series.

All the top ranked drivers from the GTWS Online Series will be coming together to find out just who is the fastest in the world. In the Nations Cup, the drivers will be representing their home countries, while the Manufacturers Cup will see the top manufacturer teams battle for the title.

All the action from the World Series Showdown will be streamed live on the official 'Gran Turismo TV’ YouTube channel, and 'Gran Turismo LIVE.'

For more information on the drivers appearing at the Showdown and the broadcast schedule, please visit the special page.

Gran Turismo World Series Showdown 2023 Amsterdam Special Page

・Competing Drivers

・Race Structure

Manufacturers Cup

[Live Broadcast Schedule]
Friday, 11 August 6:00pm (BST)

A total of 12 manufacturer teams will be competing in the Showdown, made up of our official GTWS partners Toyota, Genesis, and Mazda as well as the top ranked manufacturers from the Online Series held from June to July.

Each manufacturer will be represented by a team of three drivers. These drivers have been selected from the top-ranking players in each of the GTWS Manufacturers Cup Regions.

In the Global Manufacturer Ranking, legendary British manufacturer McLaren took the top spot, with 2022 World Finals champion Toyota taking second. Nissan and the eternal powerhouse Subaru also ranked highly. With a strong showing across the board online it’s impossible to say who will take the crown at the 2023 Showdown.

Nations Cup

[Live Broadcast Schedule]
Saturday, 12 August 6:00pm (BST)

In the Nations Cup Showdown, drivers will compete on behalf of their home countries. 12 countries have been selected from regional points rankings in the online series held from May to June.

New for the GTWS 2023, the Nations Cup will be held as a team event. Teams representing each country will be made up of the top three ranking players from that country.

2022 Showdown winner Kylian Drumont will be representing France alongside veteran Baptiste Beauvoir and series mainstay Thomas Labouteley. 2022 World Finals champion Coque López will represent Spain alongside Jose Serrano and a promising rookie driver. All of the top-ranking drivers will be competing for national pride in this new style of event. Be sure not to miss the first ever Nations Cup team race.

Two special bonus campaigns to celebrate the World Series Showdown

To celebrate the World Series Showdown, we will be running two special bonus campaigns that you can enter directly through Gran Turismo 7.

There will be two ‘Predict the Winners’ Campaigns, one for each Cup, as well as a ‘Viewers Gift’ Campaign where you can earn a reward just by watching. For further details, please see the below article.

Celebrating the World Series Showdown 2023 with Two Giveaway Campaigns: In-Game Prizes and Early Access to the Toyota Himedic!

Event tickets on sale now!

Tickets to join the live audience at the World Series Showdown in Amsterdam are currently on sale. For further information, please consult the link below.