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Gran Turismo™ 7

New Partnership Between Japan Race Promotion and Polyphony Digital Announced. SF23 to be Added with April Update

On 4 April, Japan Race Promotion (JRP), organisers of the Japanese Super Formula Championship (Super Formula), announced a new partnership with Polyphony Digital.

JRP and Polyphony Digital first began collaborating back in 2019 with the inclusion of the 'SF19' in Gran Turismo Sport, and from the following year onwards continued to build links between e-motorsports and real-world motorsports through the hosting of such events as the JAF-certified ‘Super Formula Virtual Series’ and the ‘GT College League,’ a racing competition hosted in collaboration with the Asahi Shinbun and contested by university automotive departments.

JRP commented that through this partnership that they "aim to further strengthen ties with e-motorsports and introduce Super Formula to players around the globe, while at the same time support e-motorsport players step-by-step in their dream of becoming a real racing driver."

To celebrate this new relationship, the 'SF23' used in the current Super Formula season will come to Gran Turismo 7 via the April update.

The SF23 was developed in conjunction with Honda and Toyota, based on the themes of 'Carbon Neutrality' and 'Improving Entertainment Value,' a project that transcended the boundaries between the two competing automotive manufacturers. The SF23 in GT7 will be available with the striking colour designs (Red Tiger and White Tiger) from the development cars.

Furthermore, a ‘Gran Turismo 7 Livery Contest’ is planned as a follow-up to last year's successful event, in which players can create a livery based on the colours of each Super Formula team.

The real-life Super Formula season gets underway at Fuji Speedway on 8 April.

Expect to see some exciting on-track action as 22 drivers get to grips with a brand-new car for the 2023 Season.

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