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Gran Turismo™ Sport

The 2019 Spec Super Formula Arrives to Gran Turismo Sport!

The new racing machine for the 2019 Super Formula was announced at the ‘Motor Sports Fan Appreciation Day’, on Saturday, 2nd March at the Suzuka Circuit. The new SF19 Chassis offers significant performance on the track, and will be available to drive in Gran Turismo Sport starting from an update planned for this spring.

For the 2019 season, Super Formula updated the chassis that had been used since 2014 to the new SF19. In addition to improving performance, major advancements have also been made to driver safety. Developed by Dallara, who also designed the chassis used in previous years, the aerodynamics characteristics of this chassis was revised to increase chances of overtakes, evolving and balancing both its level of competition and entertainment.

In Gran Turismo Sport, you can enjoy this latest Super Formula machine from all aspects.

As with the real life car, users will be able to select from a Toyota engine or a Honda engine. The sounds of the two engines have been accurately recreated, as well as including the much awaited boost feature that will allow players to power up their cars just like the overtake systems used in real life races.*

In the GT League, where players enjoy racing against AI opponents, a new series based on the Super Formula has now been added. Players can enjoy thrilling races with these racing cars that have a totally different feel than touring cars.

A Super Formula section has also been added to Brand Central. In addition to the purchase of the cars themselves, you can look back on the history of the Super Formula, and watch a variety of related videos.

The keywords of Super Formula are quick and light. Carrying on this philosophy, the 2019 machine achieves the next level in performance, and now you will be able to experience this drive in Gran Turismo Sport.

Comments from the Gran Turismo Sport Producer, Kazunori Yamauchi

“I’m very happy to be able to include this car that will be newly introduced into the Super Formula Championships, in line with the debut of the real world Dallara SF19. It is all thanks to the cooperation of companies such as Dallara and JRP.

"Super Formula has seen hardware improvements in its machine performance, aerodynamics, engine and tyres in recent years, that has brought it to a level of potential second to only the F1. Not only popular amongst the top drivers and teams of Japan, it has become a series which attracts great drivers from even outside Japan to compete.

"Since its first release in 1997 and through the various iterations over the years, Gran Turismo has today become the world’s biggest motorsports platform with over 7 million users in Europe, America, and Asia. We believe that the inclusion of the SF19/Super Formula in this title will have a large promotional effect that will really bring attention to its presence to the world. Looking into the future, we hope for the Super Formula to continue as a series that many young and talented drivers from all over the world will aspire towards, and we are happy to be able to support this."

Dallara SF19 Super Formula Specifications (Common for both Toyota / Honda Engines)

Length 5233mm
Width 1910mm
Height 960mm
Weight 660kg
Displacement 2000cc
Maximum output 600ps/10,000rpm
Maximum Torque 47.1kgfm/7,000rpm
Drivetrain MR

*The boost feature will also be made available to some other cars.
(Screenshots are from a Japanese version still under development.)