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Latest Information on Gran Turismo 5 from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 (1/5)

Latest Information on Gran Turismo 5 from the Tokyo Game Show 2010

1. My Home
Interaction with friends, not just limited to racing:

The record of your playing experience and the objectives for the future in the vast world of Gran Turismo 5, is all organized in the "My Home" screen.

There are three modes that make up My Home, including "GT LIFE", "Profiles", and "Community". Of these, we will go over the newly announced community aspect here.

Simple Everyday Communication Through the Friend List

A major feature of the Community in Gran Turismo 5 is of course the private online racing between your PlayStation®Network friends, but there is also a variety of communication features including a message board, mail, and sharing of photographs and user-made courses.

Your very own personal message board is created, that can be used together with your friends.
You can also give parts or cars to your friends as gifts.
Your favorite photo’s taken in the game can be shared with friends
Online Racing Between Friends

In the "My Lounge" set inside the Community, up to 16 friends can gather to hold online races.

"Rent" AI Drivers to Others, to Gain Experience

There is also a special mode in the Community, called "Remote Races". In remote races you can race in B-spec mode by selecting an AI driver and a car you own, and by selecting an AI driver and a car set "public" by your friend.

This also means that in turn, any AI drivers that you set to be public may be called out to race by your Friend, and participate in their remote races even without your knowledge.

You can watch the races that you host, but you will not be able to give commands as a race director like you can in the standard B-spec mode. This is to keep the races with your friend’s online AI driver fair.