Car Physics Simulation Model and Assist Settings Changes Notice (Update 1.31)

Improvements to the car physics simulation model and assist settings have been implemented with Update 1.31 for 'Gran Turismo 7.' Please see below for the details about these changes.

■ Suspension Physics
 ・Adjusted the calculations model of the suspension geometry. This will improve stability of the car orientation during braking, and the traction during acceleration;
 ・Adjusted the damping characteristics of the suspensions. This will improve stability of the car when driving over bumps and kerbs.

■ Tyre Physics
 ・ Improved stability when turning in low speed corners and over kerbstones;
 ・Optimised the tyre heating and wear model;
 ・Optimised the aquaplaning effect on wet surfaces.

■ Aerodynamics
 ・Updated the aerodynamics data for formula cars;
 ・Optimised the downforce and air resistance in relation to the vehicle ride height.

■ Anti-Lag System
 ・Introduced a limiter to prevent the engine RPM from rising too much while stopped.

■ Car Initial Settings
 ・Changed the initial settings of the suspension and aerodynamics on race cars and certain road cars;
 ・Adjusted the Performance Points (PP) of various cars in the game.

■ Wireless Controller Handling (Steering)
 ・Handling of cars have been improved by adjusting the steering algorithm when using the controller's stick or directional buttons.

■ Wireless Controller Handling (Force feedback)
 ・Handling of cars while steering and information gained from the force feedback should now be improved by adjusting the force feedback algorithm.

■ Assist Settings
 ・Changed some of the default settings for the Assist Presets in the Assist Settings as follows:
   Countersteering Assistance: changed from 'Strong' to 'Weak';
   Traction Control: changed from '5' to '3'.
   Countersteering Assistance: changed from 'Strong' to 'Off.'

  If 'Intermediate' or 'Expert' had been selected prior to Update 1.31, the settings will not be overwritten, but the Assist Preset will change to 'Custom' instead.

 ・Controls for the Traction Control (TCS) have been adjusted. The amount of intervention when set to '1' has been reduced, and increased when set to '5';
 ・Controls for the ABS (Antilock Brakes System) have been adjusted. This has improved stability under full braking situations;
 ・Controls for the Active Stability Management have been adjusted. The amount of intervention when oversteering has been increased to improve stability;
 ・Controls for the Countersteering Assistance have been adjusted. The amount of intervention while oversteering has been reduced, now making the amount of orientation change milder.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo 7!