Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event
Entry Form

Please select the country (or territory) registered on your Online ID for PlayStation™Network.

Flow of Entry Procedures

  • Sign in with the PlayStation Network account you are using in Gran Turismo Sport.
  • After signing in, you will automatically be directed to the FIA website (https://www.ovs.fia.com) to register for the Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event.
  • Enter the required registration information on the form in the FIA website*.
  • After completing registration on the FIA website, you will automatically be moved back to this website.
  • An entry completed message will be displayed.

*You will be required to enter personal information including your first and last name, birthday, gender, country or region of residence, e-mail address and language preference.
*You will be required to agree with the Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event Regulations.
*The personal information collected will be handled according to the FIA privacy policy (https://www.fia.com/data-privacy-notice).

Scenes from the Time Trials and Races of the Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event will be filmed or recorded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. and its affiliates, or the participants themselves, and broadcast/distributed through Television and internet. Please note that there will be no payment to participants for their filming, broadcast or distribution. By registering their participation, participants are deemed to have agreed to having these filmed or recorded images, voice, the information registered on the FIA website by the participant, and the gameplay images of the participants be used free of charge (including when modified and edited). By registering, all copyrights (including rights to produce derivative works and use them) regarding the filmed or recorded content will become the sole property of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. with no limitations whatsoever, and the participants are deemed to have agreed to not exercise any moral rights of the author against Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and/or to any broadcasts/distributions on TV or the internet.