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‘2021 Exhibition Series' Results Report

The Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series of the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championships' 2021 Exhibition Series drew to a close on 8 April.

Below you can find the top 3 competitors for the Nations Cup (Asia Region) and Manufacturer Series (Asia-Oceania Region) at the end of this series.

■ Nations Cup 2021 Exhibition Series

Rank / Country / Competitor ID / Points
 1st / Japan / SG_Kawakana / 746
 2nd / Japan / tokari71 / 710
 2nd / Japan / CR-V19979 / 710

■ Manufacturer Series 2021 Exhibition Series

Rank / Manufacturer / Competitor ID / Points
 1st / Mazda / Akagi_1942mi / 823
 2nd / Volkswagen / CR-V19979 / 785
 3rd / Lamborghini / s-shohei_ / 783

Congratulations to the players who made it all the way to the top!

According to the above results, a ‘Victory Bonus’ will be shortly awarded to the Nations Cup competitors belonging to [Japan] and to those Manufacturer Series competitors who signed an affiliation contract with [Mazda].

We would like to thank you all for the many entries in the Championship Exhibition Series!

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